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  1. K1u

    New stuff

    Hey mate, I remember you. Welcome back.
  2. That new one with that dude... meh forgot name. Dark code... some shit like that... was a little entertaingng.
  3. Idea for sticker, very sexxxy blue, light red in back, pure red 5, extremely sexy.
  4. K1u

    2 questions

    No not yet, *locates*. Uber thanks.
  5. K1u

    2 questions

    Yeah, the picture is pretty stupid, but its hardcore fappable. http://reviewnark.com/neko-girls/
  6. K1u

    2 questions

    Seen them waaaay to many times. I am looking more into a kinda epic adventure, with all that leet 80's-90's music, montages etc...
  7. I used to be in the Cal scene on DoD : S. It took up literally all my time, I remember practicing for literally 2 days... I am never going to play again. If I were to start playing again I would go on public servers, and most likely just be banned because they would think I am hacking. I wasted alot of time I could of been reading. BTW, try this... When you wake up, do not masturbate, and do not eat, take a very cold shower, meditate for about 1-2 hours. Then bust out any book or do something that you had no concentration on, and you will see how easily you will get everything you could say. I tried it about 2 days ago, and it was epic win.
  8. Look up a public exploit for priv esca.
  9. Gary McKinnon is fucking hot. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&...sa=N&tab=wi
  10. Yeah but thats what I am trying to say, even the unpopular girls are more interested in hot guys. If I do ever get a true relationship with one of these un-popular girls it will only be friends zone, because they never want more than that with me, I know that somewhat from experience as well.
  11. No, im talking about the online grading software they were using, most schools use Blackboard.
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