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    Hey mate, I remember you. Welcome back.
  2. That new one with that dude... meh forgot name. Dark code... some shit like that... was a little entertaingng.
  3. Idea for sticker, very sexxxy blue, light red in back, pure red 5, extremely sexy.
  4. K1u

    2 questions

    No not yet, *locates*. Uber thanks.
  5. K1u

    2 questions

    Yeah, the picture is pretty stupid, but its hardcore fappable. http://reviewnark.com/neko-girls/
  6. K1u

    2 questions

    Seen them waaaay to many times. I am looking more into a kinda epic adventure, with all that leet 80's-90's music, montages etc...
  7. I used to be in the Cal scene on DoD : S. It took up literally all my time, I remember practicing for literally 2 days... I am never going to play again. If I were to start playing again I would go on public servers, and most likely just be banned because they would think I am hacking. I wasted alot of time I could of been reading. BTW, try this... When you wake up, do not masturbate, and do not eat, take a very cold shower, meditate for about 1-2 hours. Then bust out any book or do something that you had no concentration on, and you will see how easily you will get everything you could say. I tried it about 2 days ago, and it was epic win.
  8. Look up a public exploit for priv esca.
  9. Gary McKinnon is fucking hot. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&...sa=N&tab=wi
  10. Yeah but thats what I am trying to say, even the unpopular girls are more interested in hot guys. If I do ever get a true relationship with one of these un-popular girls it will only be friends zone, because they never want more than that with me, I know that somewhat from experience as well.
  11. No, im talking about the online grading software they were using, most schools use Blackboard.
  12. Why the hell would you remove em...
  13. K1u

    2 questions

    Her real ears are the kitty ears, I think the other ear protectors are just decorative.
  14. K1u

    2 questions

    1. I am looking for classic 80's-90's movies, the type of stuff you see on TV on Saturday afternoons. If anyone has any suggestions to some good ones, (the classic action/suspense/thriller's and some good comedy ones), please throw em out here. 2. I have developed a rather liking you could say, to anime style drawings of girls with kitty ears holding large weapons, I find it extremely cute. If anyone has more like the below, please post.
  15. Haha nice, you owned him. I think probably 40% of guys are assholes towards girls... especially younger guys 16-21 y/o.
  16. RAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Thanks, but it seems that almost every girl even the punk/goth/emo/scene/smart/ugly/non-popular/whatever girls want hot jock's. I do not understand why girls are attracted to guys who wear Abercrombie and Fitch shirts, too tight pants, and FUCKING SANDALS WHO THE FUCK WEARS SANDALS ON A FUCKING DAILY BASIS... Is that supposed to be cool? Do they just want some mindless clone? Are they doing it for their social standing? Like for example, there is one extremely hot girl in one of my classes, and she is pretty smart and artistic, yet shes attracted to hot guys who treat her like crap, I DONT FUCKING UNDERSTAND! Is it a hormonal thing, like honestly, because thats what I think... Could the whole thing about girls just being into jerks be true? WTF is the point of going out with a hot guy if he is going to treat you like shit, thats what I want to ask girls, what the hell does beauty even matter, beauty doesn't matter shit in a relationship, its the heart, its the personality that matters, but everyone just sees through that. But see heres the thing that pisses me off the most, alot of girls, say they have been in like a ton of relationships with hot jock guys and all of them have turned out to be assholes, but then WTF WHY WERE THEY ATTRACTED TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL, goddamn it, if they want to get fucking attention and look cool then why the fuck don't they just kill themselves, arggghhhh. /rage over
  17. I think his spamming is hot. Moaaaaaar, o gawd yes, moooaaarrr...
  18. http://forums.nubuntu.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&p=324
  19. Haha, epic. They were using Blackboard im guessing?
  20. I know how to talk with girls, and I have confidence, many girls do enjoy conversating with me, but I feel as if I am ever stuck in the friends zone with most of them. Another problem I feel is that because I am in highschool (highschool girls are extremely shallow, looks are extremely important), and there is a social ranking status that they have to live up to, so they would most of the time rather not be in a relationship with me, no matter how great they might find my personality
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