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  1. My name is Ross (aka GermWarfare, Rosco) Favourite game: Angband/Moria/Tome Favourite OS: At the moment, LinuxMint, but it changes weekly. Favourite console: PS2 Nationality: Australian Accent: Australian, mate. Sex: Male Age:31 Height: 5'10" Status: Engaged Build: Average Favourite band: Queen Favourite book: Dune (Frank Herbert) Favourite author: Robin Hobb Favourite movie: Star Wars Favourite director: Dunno. Don't really pay that much attention to the credits. Favourite TV Show: The Office (UK... The original and the best) Favourite actor: Ricky Gervais Favourite actress: At the moment, probably Queen Latifah, but this one changes regularly too. Favourite Pinup: Janine Lindemulder Favourite Comedian: Billy Connolly Other hobbies: Guitars, Fishing, Camping, Drinking. Car: 1999 Mitsubishi Pajero-Escape. Slightly Modded (Bull-bar, Winch, Oversize A/T Tyres, UHF, Spot Lights) Occupation: Salesman
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