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  1. The built in speaker sucks! Use headphones, and disable the internal speaker use command "alsamixer" and use it to disable the speaker use smile face to exit
  2. I let it charge all night turned on the pc it said battery had 4minutes left and because it shutsdown at five my pc turned off. :/ I think I'll just return it
  3. They'll take it if I just tell'em it's too small to power my stuff... Walmart in my area of the us is pretty good about returns.
  4. I let it charge for an hour, the software said it was at 100% Box says upto 43minutes on it. I'm mostly worried about it cutting out when coming out of hibernation. yes it sucks ass when the thing only lasts a few seconds but then again power outages here are just for a few seconds... overall I'm not happy with it.....
  5. I just bought a brand new APC UPS ES 550MC, My pc setup is way too much for this thing to run very long. I has 5-7Minutes with a full battery, it hibernates after about 30 seconds if that (which is fine I guess) my problem is that once I came out of hibernation the pc just cut out and I had to restart.... The ups had ac power for about 30 seconds before I turned it back on..... It shouldn't have turned off. Anyway do you have any ideas to fix it or should I just take it back....... My setup (power wise) 28" Monitor 700Watt power supply (for quad core system) Cable Modem and Lin
  6. Hey guys, I have an alfa AWUS036H, (great adapter:) anyway, I plan to buy a second one but I'd like to know ahead of time if I can use two at the same time in BT4, I know windows would freak out if you plugged in 2 of the same device.... I plan to have an all-in-one type mod with all the pen testing tools in a single enclosure with a internal usb hub.. But I need to know if it'll work with two of the same adapter before I spend my money.
  7. Damn! I love it man, shoot I'd buy it from ya if I had the cash.
  8. Do you have a cat5 jack on the tv? If so I'd setup a router (my personal choice the WRT54G) and set it up to receive the wireless signal in your house and send it over its lan.... As far as the tvs concerned it'd think you just hooked it directly into the net.
  9. C&C Generals: Zero Hour Modern Warfare2 GTA - With Online Mod
  10. As far as the dev kit, I'm good I got it somewhere and thanks, one of the nice things about modding older tech is its cheaper and if you mess up its not a big deal. I had 3 ps2s and so I modded two of them, I didn't have to worry about breaking something. Ex: I want to mod my Asus 900A netbook but I just payed $130 for it on top of accessories and yes thats not a whole lot but if you slip up well the expenses grow :)
  11. Yeah hard drive won't really hold saves on the ps2. I mean its possible to move them to the drive and back to the card but you cannot save directly to or load from the hard drive, with the exception of some homebrew. I have maya 2008 somewhere too and a modded xbox. Though I don't have the debugging consoles. I do however have the xbox dev kit laying around somewhere.
  12. Not a bad idea, digital point does this on their forums, as well as 110mb... 110mb never did all that well but digital point did, they had a plugin so that people could rate weather or not someone was a reliable buyer/seller. I wouldn't mind doing this even more so if we were allowed to sell things like mod chips (seeing as ebay wont let you)
  13. Custom easy.... I personally don't play too many games but I have a system that could easily play any game on the market today at max settings... only bottle neck is my ram (my ram money went to an extra 1TB drive)
  14. Hi there, I did a playstation 2 mod a while back and figured I'd post it here for anyone interested. Before I start 1) Photo bucket with more pics: http://s794.photobucket.com/albums/yy230/h.../PS2%20Project/ 2) Youtube video/slide show: I modded out my ps2 to include: 1 Wireless contoller 1 Built-in memory card 1 Built-in memory card (with fmcb softmod installed on it) And a few switches to control it all. The nice thing is if you turn off an internal component such as a controller for example you can then plug in a controller in the same port the internal one is insta
  15. I was trying to think of a mod for my alfa network adapter (AWUS036H of course) I have an old nokia cell phone laying around and figured that would be the perfect enclosure and would be hard for the average person to realize that its not really a phone. I figured I could wire the usb adapter into the bottom (If I really want to I should be able to wire the usb directly into its native cable) So assuming that it'll fit in the phone I thought I'd wire the rp-sma where the current antenna is and then attach a rubber duck antenna to it and the "charging cable" (usb) to the bottom of the phone
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