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  1. I have a Canon XLHA1-S HDV 1080i camera - takes amazing video in all conditions, only issue is its a little front heavy and bad for your wrists when taking guerilla shots. Also got a Canon XL2 which is not as good at all, and isnt HD. Got a JVC Everio HD HDD Camcorder which is pretty consumer suck, and a JVC mini dv handycam thing from like 5 years ago.
  2. bf2 bf1942 grid world in conflict cnc3 cnc generals halo cod4 gt5 skate 1 hmmm cant think of any more
  3. i love my r4 got lots of gameboy classic games on there
  4. its very fun and great. my girlfriends scared of the zombies lol
  5. lol im abusing the o2 insure plan ;)
  6. ill stick with Chrome thankyou :) 99% secure - though i dont use the internet like a 'tit' so it wouldnt make mucha differece anyways
  7. god i posted this a long time ago... old thread. im on my 7th iphone now keep dying..
  8. Lotus Esprit Challenge on DOS when i was like 3 or 4. probs about 1994.
  9. im back :o anyways why dont you buy an iphone on pay as you go or somthing and jailbreak it, use sn0w on it and use any network with it?
  10. 7100 is amazing it just works so fast and well
  11. no no not that. its the whole british jobs thing. people who will work for less, get the job, and somewhat are making more and more british citizens unemployed.
  12. this build is nearly RC build. its god like. no glitches or nothing. better than 7106, (which is an RTM build). Everything works, everything is fast and good.
  13. i agree with this party - its a shame they cant get a bigger vote though. ill definatly vote for them, that or, JEDI LOL
  14. http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index....=17890&st=0
  15. SSID - Evil Wireless WEP - 123123asd1 FTW!!!!1 your welcome to join my network if your around. chances are 0 that youll find it, but if you do, come right in.
  16. right. SKY 16mbps shite router upstairs 8 port dlink switch 4 port dlink switch wireless acsess point in the downstairs Modded blue xbox 360 nintendo wii downstairs gaming computer gaming laptop laptop dual screen pc media pc mac dual xeon server amd server
  17. ive had this for ages. its been out for quite some time and it came with my new Acer.
  18. right. Intel 386 with like 2mb RAM, DOS intel 486 with 16mb ram win 3.1 intel 166 mmx, 64mb ram, 2gb SCSI hdd intel 233 mmx, 96mb ram, 2x 2gb hdd AMD k6 600, 386mb ram, 30gb harddrive, nvidia mx440 AMD k6 800, same as above AMD 1600+, same as above AMD 2800+, 1gb RAM, 3x 20gb hdd, nvidia 5900ultra AMD 3000+, 2gb RAM, 2x 80gb hdd, ATI 9600pro pent 4 3.2ghz, same as above pent D 3.4ghz, dual 8600GT graphics, 500+gb hdd, 2gb ram computer in my sig. lol
  19. This is really one of them another amazing hacks from the Dev team. You install a program on your pc/laptop called iPhoneModem and it makes a AdHoc wireless network between your computer and iPhone. Your iPhone picks up the wireless, and sends its glorius 3G over the wireless. Simples. nothing else to do - just instant 3g glory. Its rather fast too. 150kbps download speeds on average! ill do a speed test soon. best of all. its free - no need to buy a £30 a month usb adapter. i spose it isnt free cos im on contract, but hey im paying for the phone, internets just a freebee. i get unlimited off it too where ever i am! The iPhone does get rather hot, and even with it on charge, it looses battery life in about 2 hours. better than nothing!
  20. i live in the south east. Essex to be exact. Going to London would be easy :)
  21. errmmm in my pockets i keep iPhone 3G Jailbroken of course SkullCandy Ear Buds - because iPod earphones suck Wallet, usually with Bus pass inside, typically at least £300 cash, bank card, college card keys, with 2x SanDisk Cruzer 16gb U3 Drives, Car Keys, House keys Bag.. Acer Aspire 6920G Gaming Laptop Acer Charger iPhone USB lead Logitech wireless minimouse Acer Aspire One Pot Noodle! can o lager can o red bull a spare hoody - might get cold! Seagate 250gb mini harddrive skateboard tools skateboard (on back of backpack) JVC MiniDV HD Cam few DV tapes wooopwooop
  22. if u wish for me to send you steam files... i can help :)
  23. dont tell them to write their own passwords, tell em to write different ones, or theyll get pissy
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