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  1. dalco electronics www.dalco.com


    jsut to update everyboady i got it working its was a security setting deep in iis took some looking around but i got it


    thanks for all the replies i am running exchange 03 so im not thinking the encryption is the issue it kinda has me stumped i have sevaral windows mobile devices syncing with it but im having no luck with the iphone


    ok so has anybody sucessfully got ther iphone 3g with ver 3.1 os to sync with exchange im having a hell of a time any help would be great.
  5. here is a small wall cabinet that should do the job for you http://www.dalco.com/ProductDetails2.aspx?...mp;selection=22
  6. I installed Windows 7 RC on my acer yesterday and i must say so far i am verry pleased. It is running verry well ....i am having some trouble with the wireless droping randomly but im pretty sure its a driver issue.
  7. It is possible all you would need is a switch just run one standard cable from your router to a switch of your choice in your room and plug all your devices in to that switch.
  8. Just postign some updated pics.
  9. i thought about SDM but im assuming its not a free download.... if it is could you point me in the right direction
  10. so i have this cisco router (1710) laying around and i know there is no point what so ever to use it since i have a cable modem that handles my static ips but i have a urge to set it up i know it will be a waste of time and the ectra ip address but just having it in my rack kinda sounds appeling to me... so what are your thoughts use it or lose it ?
  11. Check out dalco.com they can custom build you anyhting you want or you can just order parts and built it your self ... when you decide what you want e-mail me at areed@dalco.com and i'll get you the best deal i can
  12. i am in the process of building a intel i7 system with 12 gig of ram, 2 diamond viper hd3870 1gb pcie, and 2tb of storage for a customer should be pretty impressive. www.dalco.com
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