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  1. Bf2 is one of my all time favorite games! Defo play whenever asked lol :)
  2. Tapatalk has been updted. Could you activate it now? Thanksa
  3. Yes, Steam for Mac has been confirmed to be released in about 2 weeks, with L4D 1 and 2 native for mac, with Cross platform ownership - you wont have to buy the game again to run it on Mac! http://www.l4d.com/blog/post.php?id=3570
  4. Got my first PC too, probably same as Charles' Also got an Atari ST, Amiga 500. loads of old pentium 1 computers in the shed.
  5. Cool. sounds great - as soon as they're done would be great to access the forum, and im sure the rest of the forum will agree.
  6. Tapatalk is a forum app for iPhone. Sorry if this is in another feed but I'm on my phone and forums arnt too pleasant on this. Just wondering if hak5 is supported by it before I buy this?
  7. my old premium was nodded - clear case and blue lights, but due to the xbox death rate I'd rather keep my warrenty than mod the elite.
  8. markhimself


    Any one using the new steam UI beta yet? Its nice and defiantly fresh when it comes to steam - looked basically the same since steam came out all those years ago. Here's a video I took quick for your viewing pleasure.... BTW, its riddled with bugs, so don't OPT in to the beta just yet... so riddled - all my games have disappeared and I cant go on-line - just a steam server thing according to steam forums and should be fixed soon.
  9. nothing spectacular? either them stairs were 10mm big each lmao, or your under-exaggerating!
  10. Updated for like 3rd or 4th time lol NZXT m59 case ASUS 790G ati 4200 128ddr3 sideport usb3 sata3 AMD Phenom II x4 3.6ghz 4gb DDR3 1800mhz 2x ATI radeon Sapphire vapor x 5870 2x 1tb SATA 7200rpm 256gb Corsair SSD Windows 7 Acer Aspire 6930 Gemstone blue Laptop; 2.56ghz core2duo, 4gb ddr2, ati 3650 512mb graphics, fingerprint, webcam, touchpanel controls, bluray, bluetooth, hdmi, vga, 4xUSB, wifi, 16" screen, TV IN Windows 7 Advent HAK5 sticker laptop 1.8ghz core2duo, 2gb ddr2, 945GMA OSX and XP Macbook Unibody White OSX 10.6 powerbook g4 876mhz xD iPhone 3g 16gb Jailbroken 3.12 will get next iphone day it is out PSP slim and lite black 16gb Pink DS lite 2gb R4 COD Xbox SuperElite 256gb Xbox 400gb with XBMC PS3 FAT 160gb PS2 FAT in blue with network adapter PSX chipped xD N64 Dreamcast :) 1st gen so can burn games Sega Megadrive (new gen with loaded games can play all regions) sega saturn nintendo WII - i hate it lol Gameboy Advance sp I highly doubt you can play Crysis on very high with a Geforce GT120 - that thing is a very weak GPU about the same as a GF 9400/9500.
  11. go buy a game called Darkest of Days
  12. Yes its brilliant. Playing it on 2x 5870's is just immersive, so smooth and good looking. Very different perspective to FPS gaming.
  13. Not really. the COD engine is the same as ever - COD 1 engine came from the Q3 engine, and since then has only been updated and updated and so, the PC version was always designed first and the ps3 and xbox was ported. not a fan of cod anymore, as they just got older and older, cod 4 was fresh, but mw2 is doing the usual update and update sell for 45 sell for 45 that activision do with ALL their games - TH - update and update - GH - update and update. AV seriously needs to become inventive. BTW WaW SUCKED!
  14. I bought the Super Elite COD version before Christmas as my old Release Premium was dying on me :( Got a 3rd party 360 HDD Transfer kit to do the transfer between 20gb and 250gb and works a treat. Jasper console is amazingly quiet compared to the release, doesn't even get warm where as the release would be hot in seconds. as well as that, if you install games to the hdd then the disk drive goes silent and it ends up quieter than the ps3!
  15. GET AN R4 card - best investment ever for DS owners - even though i never play it
  16. im pc all the way, but hit me up on XBL and PSN - vote4nukebush
  17. just dont post stupid things on twitter or facebook. no one cares if you went to the corner shop today
  18. still got my modded hak5 sticker on my old laptop which you may remember from ages back (search pictures of hak5 stickers). Willing to buy more when i get paid! hope all goes well DK
  19. I have a few Mac's - but i recently dual booted my old laptop (1.8ghz dual core, intel 945 2gb ddr2) with XP and OSX 10.6, after a lot of tweaking and kext installing, it runs like a dream. runs final cut pro just like the mac's. sound is perfect, internet, video, even runs mac games. only problem is theres no Intel Wireless OSX support, so i need a new wireless adapter. runs just as good as my new unibody white macbook! I used iAtkos btw
  20. Hey forum. Does anyone here Skate, Enjoy the sport skateboarding or used to skate? Especially any from the London area for a Hak5 skate session maybe? Post pictures if you can. also how good you are?
  21. my system specs are below... i have a 1050w evo psu, but i was sold a faulty unit, so for a week, i used intergrated radeon 4200 and took my 2 5870's out and ran it on a 300w psu.
  22. hi. leave a comment!

  23. I smoke very rarely, or on the piss lol. also smoke cigars at events like christmas
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