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  1. Tinned? I dont know. Bloody iPhone 4 auto correct.... I would love that game too
  2. Ouch, bf2 is one of the greatest games ever made! Yeah bf2 is tinned better than bc2, just hope they don't fuck bf3 up
  3. http://www.medalofhonor.com/battlefield3 so happy...
  4. Today, it was ruled that all nintendo ds mod chips are now illegal in the UK and are not allowed to be imported, advertised, sold or bought in the UK. Good thing I already had one xD Real bummer though...
  5. Hi. Remember to include your all time best game, as well as your 3 minor choices. Also remember your sentence justifying your decision about the all time best game, and your sentence arguing or agreeing with the previous person. Thanks
  6. Here we go. Basically In this thread we will discuss the best game of all time. To be fair, you choose an STRATIGIC game then an ACTION game then a SIM game. You pick each as a reviewer trying to be as unbiased as you can, picking out story lines, technical achivements and whatever else you please. After picking a game for each sub genre, you pick a game for the all time title, best game ever. You then write a short sentence on why Here's where it gets interesting though, see the rules are you have to read the persons post before yours, and argue/agree with their best game, while being unbiased. After a while I'll open a poll with the highest ranked games. So for example Strategy- CnC generals Action- halo 1 Sim- gran tourismo 5 All time - gta 4 Why? Gta 4 is the most in depth game I've ever seen. From great voice acting, to amazing physics and brilliant story line. The levels of detail rockstar put into this game really do shine when you look into it. There you go, hope this works out. Any ideas to make this better are welcome! Action-
  7. I personally use Windows, Ubuntu and OSX. I don't flame either one and I just use them to get the job done. I use windows for gaming, yes I know osx has steam now, but come on since when can I just pick up an old windows game disk and play it on osx, I'd have to find an osx version, if available. I use ubuntu because it's free and all it's softwear is free, it's simple and I know it's not going to go wrong. Also has it's uses... Osx however is for my creative side. Adobe CS5 works so well with osx, final cut pro and everything else.
  8. Lol there is an introduce yourself thread. Save your self a lot of confusion and flamage and use the search function to find a thread before posting topics. It's all in the forum rules thread. Lol why?
  9. 1. As I learnt from posting that I had bought an iPhone 4 on release day, the hak.5 community are mostely droid/Linux users. 2 i don't see them doing a segment on jailbreaking as it is far too widespread and common as well as easy - blackrain and spirit were one button jailbreaks. Back in iPhone 1.4 days it was a lot harder, but still quite script-kiddy.
  10. How I did mine refrences to the xboxisozone.com tutorials. I Advise signing up and paying the subscription for unlimited game downloads, it's definatly worth it. I had my pc and xbox running at the same time, I turned xbox on, ripped a cd and played the music to unlock the hdd, hot swapped it back to the pc, unlocked it and installed xbmc. Job done. I did eventually upgrade to a 400gb hdd. No hard mod at all. Remember to lock your hdd before putting it back!
  11. Custom ftw. Been building since the age of what, 9? No joke!
  12. Hmm, I wonder how long it takes before this is either deleted or read by someone "higher up".
  13. Thanks for that moonlit and the author of the article. It closes a lot of questions, especially asked by those who were strong followers of the show and forum from the start, but never went on IRC. I hope everyone sees this and takes good understanding And yes psychosis the need for sex and action would make anything a blockbuster movie xD
  14. So guys, I got the iPhone 4. Got a sweet deal with Orange, mainly because o2 have destroyed their tariff with things like 20p photo message charges. £52 a month gets me unlimited texts and Internet, and I sweet talked them into giving me unlimited calls too. Orange also insures it too. The handset was £139 for the 32gb and was one of the last handsets in the UK. Now, about the phone. Boyyyyy is it good. The a4 processor and 512mb ram makes it insanely quick, like woah quick - apps load instantly, multitasking is a breeze and everything just works so fast. The display is georgeous, the camera is great, takes brilliant video which is also great to edit on iMovie. The flash is proper bright, microphone is clear and even the front camera takes great pics. But I also have a few gripes. The speaker for one, is bloody quiet, even compared to the iPhone 3G, and the signal issues, while avoidable, can still get a bit on the annoying side when you hold it with your left hand. Apple this is such a perfect device, why did you let something like that ruin it? What do you guys think? Did you get an iPhone 4? If so how? O2 had queues going for hundreds of people. I pre ordered from orange so i was fine.
  15. hope this isnt the new iphone, i think it looks worse than iphone 3g/s
  16. Possibly. You have 2 options. Use Wine to emulate EXE to run CODmw2, or use a Virtual Machine program called Virtual Box. Virtual box is free, and has support for Direct3D emulation/sharing. It works well, but might not be good enough for COD. Using the visualization on your CPU, Virtual Box is really quick, and using windows 98 and D3D is good for old games. Virtual box does
  17. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 has ran perfect since i installed
  18. someone on youtube is building a rig with 3x nVidia GTX 480's, intel Core i7 X980 6core processor and 24gb of 2ghz ddr3 memory. beat that (no server rigs, only gaming rigs allowed)
  19. the list of graphics cards i have owned is massive. i have owned a voodoo1, 2 and 3. heck i had a 5 too. i think i will be staying with my ATI radeon 5870's for a long long time lol
  20. Might i just add, regarding the topic posters comments, on how Call Of Duty MW2 has the greatest graphics by far out... CODMW2 uses the same engine as COD2, and the same graphics effects are all still present, just used in different ways. Texture sizes are probably a little larger, but apart from that, mostly the same Shader model 3.0 engine.
  21. I know its a bit late, but hey.. Faster, hotter and more power hungry...... These cards are good, kinda.. Even though they are 6 months late to market, use insane amounts of power compared to the Radeon 5870, and with temps that pass the 3 digit mark, these cards are faster than the 5870. The 5970 still holds performance crown, but the GTX 480 is faster at tessellation, and in some cases faster than the 5870. It has 1.5gb of DDR5 ram, and 480 stream processors, compared to the Radeons 1600 Stream Processors. Support for CUDA also gives it a boost. All great and all, but very very very power hungry, using more wattage than the 5970 - which has 2 GPU's and 3200 cores! The top of the case even has a heatsink, instead of being completely covered in plastic like previous models. The card is a stock card, so who ever you buy it from, it will be the same card no matter what - just with a different logo. What do you think? too little too late? ATI's 6xxx series will be here soon enough, to beat the G100 chips out of the water!
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