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  1. http://www.ztore.net/eu/product_info.php?c...;products_id=98 OMG SO COOL just like in series one where darren made RSS Alarm :)
  2. ahh thanks so much webjockey. i hated the forums like that, all the sudden i logged in and didnt understand what was going on. i felt like such a noob, especially when the 2 users above you didnt know what i was talking about. thanks :)
  3. 1. FEAR 2 2. GTA IV 3. DeadSpace 4. Burnout Paradice 5. CNC RA3
  4. 10x better than fear. people say that its not as good as deadspace, but i think its better. its not like the demo its much better than the demo. its frikkin psyco, its mad. random things happen and its proper weird. i think its the best game released lately. what do you guys think?
  5. it makes navigating posts really long and difficult. is there a way to turn this off? how do you feel about this?
  6. i bought my Acer Aspire 6935G for $469.99, dicounted from £1079. it has the best specs and blows the shit out of any laptop in either price range it gets a 6.1 on Windows Vista :) its has 16" widescreen 16:9 crystalbrite screen crystal eye 1.3mp webcam 5.1 surround sound speakers with TUBA bass speaker at the back CineTouch Media Touch panel controls Fingerprint reader Multitouch Touch Pad Bluetooth 320mbps Wireless N 4 USB ports ATI Radeon 3570 graphics with 512mb Dedicated DDR3 RAM (plays FEAR 2 on high and crysis on high) 500gb harddrive Express Port 54 2.56ghz Core2Duo 4gb DDR2 1066mhz RAM Blu-Ray Writer Drive with Lightscribe HDMI out its a great laptop :)
  7. sounds just like netsupport at my old school. was shit until i hacked it and became an admin from my pendrive whenever i wanted and controlled every computer in school, ricked rolled one screen at a time until the class was rick rolling ;) used Altap Salamander to gain access to all the folders on the servers ect.... :)
  8. LMAO isnt that from Dont be a Menace to the southside while drinking your juice in the hood? "DO, WE, HAVE, A, PROBLEM...!!!!" LOL
  9. wait i forgot, multi-tool, wallet of cds like ubuntu, games, movies. usb mouse, portable 2.5" 500gb hdd, wallet with money and bus/train pass/ debit card ;), and mabey my old laptop
  10. inside my DC Camo Bag... Acer Aspire 6930G laptop and charger iPhone 3G and USB Cable JVC DV Camcorder Acer Aspire One Sandisk Cruzer 16gb U3 x2 Optima 4gb Usb Drive iPhone rubber case skateboard if theres a park to skate :) SkullCandy Earbuds spare hoody some snacks and sweets ect. that packs my backpack right up, barley close the zip lol :)
  11. cod 4 ftw, cod 5 was good but cod 4 was much better story ect.
  12. markhimself

    New Build

    i would be very dissapointed if you bought an AMD because these days i dont know what they have on their minds go with the core i7 and not upgrade for like 5 years lol
  13. right heres an update from when i started the thread a while back... i got a custom Clear XBox 360, with Blue LED lights etc, connected to my 32" Toshiba Flat screen with a HD YPBR cable, i got a dreamcast, and a PS2 also linked up to the telly, as well as my SKY+ Box. edit :P Got a 160gb PS3 from my girlfriend for birthday thanks hayley and a 400gb origonal XBOX with everything you could ever want on there ;) i got my iPhone 3G 16gb 2.2 jailbroken, which has Gameboy color/advanced emulators, NES,SNES, GENESIS, PSX and MAME. as well as about 50£ worth of purchased AppStore games. i got my Gaming PC which is linked to 2 22" screens, one with HDMI one with DVI, as well as a clone of screen 1 on the 32" screen so i can use the pc from the sofa :P i got 2 laptops, my old laptop and my new gaming laptop SPECS... Gaming PC - Intel Core2Quad 2.4ghz overclocked to 3.7ghz MSI p7n Diamond 780i motherboard PCI-Express Creative XFI sound card 2x nVidia GTX 260 in SLI 1tb of harddrive space 800watt powersupply (shouldnt have sold that 1000watt) l33t mac/pc/modded case 6gb of DDR2 Corsair RAM 800mhz 308mbps WiFi card, even though i dont use it i also got my G4 Mac Pro, with 2 900mhz processors, 160gb harddrive, mac osx 10.5, 1gb of ram. gaming laptop Acer Aspire 6930G Gemstone Blue 2.56ghz Core2Duo ATI Radeon 3650 512mb DDR3 Graphics 4gb DDR2 800mhz Fingerprint reader, Crystal Eye Webcam, CineDash Touch Panel Controls, TUBA sub woofer at the back, 5.1speakers, Blu-Ray Drive, HDMI out, VGA out, 4USB ports, Bluetooth, 16" screen..... older laptop Advent 7111 1.6ghz CoreDuo nVidia 7100Go Graphics (got it wrong on the signature) with 64mb of memory 2gb of DDR2 800mhz 320gb harddrive DVD-RW oh and 2 servers which are like AMD Athlon 2200+ with 512mb of ram, and nvidia 5600gt graphics :P
  14. i cant belive this fell though its 2009 and i did most of the challenges i dont understand, no replys since august, no one seems to have done it? it was a good idea mabey we could do it again but actually do it :)
  15. the screens fine, its only a little bigger than my old laptop, just a little wider really. crysis runs on medium/very high, direct x 10, 45-60 fps. world in conflict, very high, all settings max, 60-80fps directx 10. i love the fact its got an interchangeable graphics card, so in 5 years time this will still be my laptop cos ill just upgrade it :)
  16. Bought it from Currys for £490 on a deal, last one there, new and everything, £1079 normally :P its got a Changable ATI Radeon 3650 512mb DDR3 graphics card, which plays Crysis on High and near enough every new game on max, including GTA4 its got core2duo 2.56ghz processor, 4gb of DDR2 ram, mine has the 500gb harddrive, 16" screen, blu-ray, HDMI, 4 USB, TV IN, VGA out, Gemstone CineDash Touchpanel controls... the works im quite pleased with my little bargin :)
  17. meh i have had it for ages now even got keys since pre beta builds. 7 has always been supirior cos it is just overdeveloped windows vista which is great. I dont like what windows live are doing removing apps like movie maker from 7
  18. Running Windows 7 Ultimate build 7000 on my laptop ;) looks fit
  19. Running Windows 7 Ultimate build 7000 on my laptop ;) looks fit
  20. its good. prefer the xbox arcade version :)
  21. do the x-clamp fix. replace thermal paste and burn it with hairdryer :D worked for me The NXE is really crap. its just a X-wii. its missing all the l33tness of the old blades. all the controls are in random places and its not arranged very well. its very laggy and buggy - and very noobified. its just fucking crap. the upload to harddrive tool is crap - wouldnt work for half of my games, and eats up your harddrive space.
  22. 3d models of futuristic sas type weopons
  23. Hi. Me and some college friends are currently making a game based on the CryEngine2- the same engine from Crysis. The game is looking great so far, but we really need some people to make some guns, textures, and some maps for us - as were doing as much as we can already! The game is currently called The Island - a concrete island utopia which the best of humanity have escaped to from World War 3. The story practically goes - you are sent to destroy the island from an unknown source, with a team of sas, but while your there you find out a secret about the war, and you and a friend decide to take out the unknown source. you are also forced to take out your own team ect. we are hoping for a Free Roam type play, on our concrete island, the ability to go anywhere and in any building you want. we are also hoping to design a damage model so we can blow up stuff ;) any help would be greatly apriciated. thanks :) -Mark Elmes
  24. what about direct x? how can i run FarCry2 on my system in DX10, but on Linux? good idea, id like to see how it turns out...
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