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    this game is amazing. cant stop playing it. comes out in november for the pc:D
  2. the most oldschool i got is a pentium 1 200mhz laptop, an sega dreamcast and a pentium 166mhz pc.
  3. my phone is a samsung. the hardwares nice but samsungs os is horrible.
  4. ball shit. everyone will hate EA. install 3 times, bite my balls.
  5. tomb raider films wernt bad, but they lost the plot. american actors cant do british lara croft for shit. HL2 and MGS - best stories evar:D oh and halo looking forawd to maxpayne movie - id love it
  6. markhimself

    RL FPS?

    sounds good, but what about the user participation - will there be a lot of people playing, near where you live?
  7. reminds me of Battlefield heroes :D
  8. sorry if i missed out on somthing, obv someone didnt tell me, but what happened to ali? she went in season 3 or somthing, is that it. she gone too? first her then wess... noo!!
  9. yeah but if u get too involved with skating you take it more seriously than anything. i quit skating, but when i jump on a board i can still bust out 360 flips and heelflips. gaming is near enough past now. i just got college and my girlfriend lol
  10. lmao its very true. i got hayley, and now theres not much time at all for game, unless we both game, or if shes at home or somthing.
  11. yeah they submerge computers in it. i dont wanna try tho
  12. they did it at my school just before i leaved. they couldnt even connect it to the wireless. they are noobs.
  13. haha i used to have that on old pc's. i dont think they fixed it on newer bios either.
  14. windows xp nlited down a bit. sound drivers dont work. any help please?
  15. My advent laptop with Hak5 Sticker. :)
  16. i unlocked xandros, and hated it so i got xp pro on there
  17. thats cool i had so many issues with even trying to install xp from usb, so i might pass on this.
  18. like the simpsons mod:) anyone using whiteboxes still? :D
  19. ok. what monitor/s are you using?? thats huge
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