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  1. just as the topic title says. The forum has gone rather quiet in the past month.
  2. yeah:P i get that. i used to get it when my CPU maxed out when loading windows, but that was an old pc. :( now my new pc dosnt do that any more
  3. i own... Playstation 1 Playstation 2 XBOX 360 clear Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64 My Girlfriend Hayley on the other hand... (console gamer lol) Playstation 2 Playstation 1 XBOX 360 Elite Classic XBOX Nintendo Wii Sega Megadrive PC... MSI P7n Diamond nforce 780i MB Intel Core2Duo 2.4ghz (3.2ghz) Windows Vista Ultimate 4gb of Corsair XMS2 Pro ddr2 800mhz 2x nVidia Geforce 8600GTS 256mb SLi 500gb HDD Hayleys PC INNO3D mothenoard Intel Core2Duo 2.8ghz Windows Vista Ultimate 2gb Kingsington 800mhz nVidia Geforce 8500t 256mb DDR3 My HackTop (with hak5 stickers) ADVENT intel board with 945 chipset nVidia 7300GO 128mb Intel Core2Duo 1.67Ghz 1gb DDR2 667mhz 80gb SATA HDD Windows Vista Ultimate HTPC.... (running on my 32" TV) ASRock 939N68PV board ATI Radeon 2400HD 128mb ASUS AMD 3200+ running at 1.8ghz 2gb DDR 400mhz RAM 2x 300gb IDE HDD 2x Blu Ray Drive Wireless Card Windows Vista Last but not least - the ultimate CRAP-TOP... Compaq Armada E500 Intel PIII 800mhz 512mb SD RAM DVD-RW 8x 8?mb ATI RAge Pro Shit Graphics Windows XP Pro
  4. i use Windows Blinds to modify my windows UI :P
  5. Nothing Special. Just a new install on my new pc. :D oh and the phat 3dmark score my overclock earnt! http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh162/vote4bush/back.jpg[/img] http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh162/vote4bush/3dmarkwoow.jpg[/img]
  6. 10105 3dmarks http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh162/vote4bush/3dmarkwoow.jpg[/img] Intel Core2Duo E2220 2.4ghz at 3ghz Corsair XMS2 DDR2 667mhz 2gig XpertVision 8600gts 256mb DDR3 SLi overclocked MSI P7N nForce 750i Circupipe motherboard
  7. Post your overclocks, rig specs and 3d Mark here!
  8. AOE2 Conquers, AOE3 Asian Dynasties, AudioSurf, BF1942, BF2, BF2SF, BF2142, BFvietnam, Bioshock, Blacksite Area 51, COD, COD2, COD4, CNC FIRST DECADE, CNC3, Crysis, CS, CSCZ, CSS, DOD, DODs, Darwinia, CM Dirt, EEIII, Quake Wars,FEAR, Frontlines Fuel Of War, GMOD, Gears Of War, HL, HLs, HL2, HL2ep1, HL2ep2, halo2vista, halo, Tombraider AOD, Legend, Anniversairy, maxpayne2, MOH Alied Assault, Airbourne, NFS MW/U2/prostreet, Portal, peggle deluxe, quake3, quake4, segarally, SOF,SOF2, SOFpayback, Battlefront/2, Testdrive unlimited, timeshift, THUG, ThAW, ut, ut2k3/2k4, ut3, world in conflict. screenshot showing most of these... http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh162/v...sh/gamessss.jpg
  9. its not very good. dosnt even show webpages properly. when i load Hak5.org it his 100% CPU on a dual core:S
  10. markhimself

    Tony hawks

    hey there. i have Tony Hawks Underground and Wasteland on the pc.
  11. List all the games you have on your pc here!
  12. the new pp is really good. nice 2 c doug and jeremey toge4 again. (soz 4 l33t sp3ak using f0ne 2 post & it long)
  13. Ive had Vista SP1 since the beta's. Same with XP SP3 :D. SP1 has always done good for me, no re-activation, no lockouts, good gaming, faster speeds, faster file opertaion, better security:D. still getting issues with the nVidia SLI Drivers tho. i spose that nVidia FAIL tho.
  14. thanks a lot cabster21 i get error message 0020
  15. Its been a while.. but is it me... or have the 'Hacker Olympics' gone DEAD? is anyone still thinking of/doing this?
  16. I am writing this topic to discuss Xbox 360 Mods, in a hope to revert/prevent the Red Ring Of Death. For those who dont know, the Red Ring Of Death is where the console shows its error lights on its Ring Of Light. When it shows 2 red lights the console has overheated, when it shows 3 red lights Microsoft discribe it as Hardware Failure. Millions of people are experiencing the Red Ring Of Death, and last week, so did I. My console since then has been modded. I have cut out the air vents at the back of the console, where the fans are, to provide more airflow. Ive alos cut out the top of the case and added 2 mesh grills allowing extended airflow. Ive made the 2 rear fans 12volts making air exchange faster and ive added another fan infront of the cpu/gpu heatsinks to cool them down. I also removed the 'Evil' X-Clamps that hold the heatsinks on, and swapped them for bolts to hold the heatsinks on. For a while this worked, and the console worked fine - but now its gone back to the Red Ring Of Death, and it isn't going away. Any Ideas anyone? Also... post all your Xbox/Xbox 360 Mods here!!! :P Modified.... My Warrenty was already VOID as the console is over an year old and is the newer type XBOX. I tried to send it back but they said its no longer under warrenty. The Mods i made did help the xbox a lot. it ran a lot cooler, and actually worked for a while. But the other day i was playing the new Frontlines Fuel Of War Multiplayer Demo online and it crashed, i reset the xbox and it red ringed.
  17. Why do you have 5 dvd drives? You like the extra heat and power draw? HAHAHAHAHA i was confused for a sec when you posted that. I have 1x 20x DVD RW and 4x Daemon Tools Virtual Drives:P
  18. wow. i live near london:P id love to go. on the funny side - take my fone which is loaded with bluetooth jaking tools and wireless hacking programs:D modified - (when i say 'go' - i mean the anonymous meet up in london)
  19. Finally!!! Ive got my computer up and running just like it should. (built it at christmas - been having issues with it for long time (mainly SLI drivers and Windows Vista).I can now game in peice:P http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh162/vote4bush/feb.jpg - if you cant see i have a DreamScene background:P http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh162/v...sh/gamesfeb.jpg - i like my games :D:D
  20. WOW that is a very very nice background you couldnt link that for me could you? (or send it):P thanks in advance :D
  21. Are you talking about the Windows Start Orb - the thing that displays an animation of the Windows Orb before you can Log In? http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14855
  22. can you give the link to this?? its pretty awsome Can i have a link too? this is a very sweet background:P
  23. WOW i fixed it:P the fix is.. If you are running Dual Channel Memory (i had dual channel Corsair 800mhz DDR2 2gig), take it out of dual channel. For me Vista is running a dream now, and playing all my games as smooth as ever.
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