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  1. me and my girlfriend hayley played for an hour or two... totally forgot it was a lan party though ;)
  2. Great game. lets here your veiws on it.
  3. For a Change.. my iPhone 3g notice hak5 :) the new streetveiw on iphone 2.2
  4. iPhone 3G 16gb Black with update 2.2 installed. It has about 40 apps on it :D ive got some 300mb left on it. i have hak5 episodes on it and some pure pwnage, skate vids, southpark, about 7gb of music..... I havnt jailbroken it, i dont think i want to fuck up my phone :D I FUCKING HATE Itunes. it sucks arse. i wish WinAmp could sync iPhone properly..... Im on o2, 45£ a month, 18month contract, insurance, unlimited texts, 600minutes, unlimited 3G..... :) best phone ive ever had, i wish apple would release some more functiality updates, and bug fixes....
  5. ok. i go to SEEC college, studying BND ICT, (programming, business, networking), 4 days a week. i have a job Link Building in the Internet Marketing industry :) i am a model for the d1 agency, which deals with brands such as levi's i see my girlfriend hayley regularly i live with my nan and grandad :D errm thats about it oh and i play occasional games on my rig or xbox360 :D
  6. *UPDATE* the money bunny came with good gifts - of 2 gtx 260 graphics card :) MSI P7n Diamond nforce 780i with CircuPipe motherboard Intel Core2Duo 2.4ghz running at 3.2ghz Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32bit 4gb of Corsair XMS2 Pro ddr2 800mhz 2x nVidia GTX 260 1gb DDR3 1x nVidia 8800gts for physx 500gb HDD
  7. do u want me to send u my key?
  8. UT GOTY is on Warez. yes i no winners dont warez, but u wont be a winner at all in the game of ut99 if u cant play it! i spose u could warez and buy the next day ;P ebay mate.... i would send u a copy of my goty disk, but im sure ur miles awayyy
  9. pfft dont bother with 9500gt haha u want to go all the way with gtx 260 as the others say, 40 - 60 % budget on your graph card, buy a cheap but very overclockable cpu. dont bother on an expensive sli board, the cheap ones with 1 graphic slot are sufficient. leave your case budget to the end - dont have a shiny case but bolloks inside, anything thats big enough for a gtx260 is good.
  10. jus got an iPhone andone of the 1st things to do is go on hak5....
  11. Knoppix LIVE CD:) im on Ubuntu 8.10 dual boot with Windows XP MCE on my laptop
  12. markhimself

    GMOD 10

    CryEngine Sandbox 2 is way better :)
  13. my mates new macbook with 9400m graphics, 2gig DDR3 and 2ghz core2duo is fast, looks amazing and it rocks. its so nice i want one :) i have to say, even tho im a pc person, mac ftw:)
  14. set a JPEG as the background. that happens when you put a PNG as the background :D
  15. 1. can you use a standard windows keyboard on a mac? 2. how do you install mac os? it turns on and a picture that has the mac logo and a ? shows. i dont know how to boot or anything. 3. any extra help would be nice? thanks
  16. everyone whos watched Hak5 since season one.... give me an hands up! Ive been watching since Season 1:P
  17. lmao i liked that. feel sorry for the bloke tho, pretty heartbroken.
  18. vista is good bad as ive said elsewhere on this forum. I got a laptop which was shipped with Windows Vista Premium, and a PC which i bought Vista Ultimate x64 for. The PC is Core2duo e6600, 2x 8600gts graphics and 4gb 800mhz ram. Vista runs friggin fast, dx10 performance is great and the rest is just better, id never go back to xp, unless, your brand new laptop is like mine, shipped with vista premium, running a core2duo 1.6ghz, 1gb ram and an crappy intergrated gpu - i went back to XP Pro on this laptop and it runs wayy better. As said up there ^^ vista loves ram, cpu cores, and graphics cards. when your lucky to have these, it will be your best friend, but when your running an standard pc, it will be good but not good enough
  19. good guide :P will do this if i get an eee thanks
  20. with ISP's watching your torrents, companys spying on you, Spyware, viruses, trojan horses, idiots selling personal details on ebay, youtube giving away personal details....... its all on this forum sorry for the tread, just wanted to talk about it.
  21. i got 2x 8600gts gpu's in sli, also got vista i would like to put 8500gt in as a CUDA physx card, but SLI wont work? i got 3 pci-e any help would be nice:P
  22. dont like it too much. very basic. takes away a lot of firefox. babyish layout/gui. no addons not a fan of the history speed dial tabs thing.
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