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  1. wow. you got your secound NOOBLET? you can go play Starcraft 2 with it. 'itll be soo pro' and uncle Doug can come over and play COD6 :D (PurePwnage Season 2 EP4)
  2. i wont bother with the pic. i have a netgear wgt108 3 firewall router 2 computers downstairs with AMD Athlon XP's my gaming computer, my media center, my laptop,2 xbox 360's, eee pc
  3. its ok snubs. just let wess know we all want him back :) ill miss his hardware segments. thats what i watched hak5 for back in the days of season 1 :D spose on the bright side, revision 3, episode a week, just hoping there will be hardware segments by someone else.
  4. ive got skype. vote4nukebush
  5. hey watch it. i aint no gay mate.
  6. this is me:) (not an EMO :P:P) and my beautiful girlfriend hayley :)
  7. lol food tech was gay. yeah ill make hak snacks, that test was all theory crap reminded me of ghey (pp ep 15:P) i can cook pretty well..:) i was forced to do it, and french. god i hate them french bastards (no offence any french people in the forum/community - you have a nice country)
  8. congrats :) yes get some vidcasts up :D
  9. thanks MRGRIM. Food Technology is learning how to cook and prepare food. Also learning about science behind food like E numbers and Nutriental Values. metatron i think people are very happy with their GCSE results, and it could be a good topic starter. Swathe, Electronics pratically is a Physics Science course, but focusing on Electronics, such as Transistors and Capacitors :S It honestly was the hardest test i have ever took, but was worth it in the long run.
  10. Revision 3 is KICK ASS. Its a pretty good idea for the merger and i support it 100%
  11. (sorry if this has already been made... remove if needed) This topic has been created as i think this Diserves its own little space of the internet, in which Hacklings like myself can find out the bad news. (good, depending on which angle you look at it) I personally hope that life goes well for Wess, though i will miss him and his mod's on Hak5. The show will never be the same without you man. :D http://wesstobler.vox.com/library/post/the...-of-an-age.html
  12. hey there..... I hope everyone did well. Come share your results here. Or even share your past results if you have past that stage of life. i got... A for Electronics A for ICT A for Science C for English D for French D for Business E for Food Tech
  13. silentknight329, i have a pc for sale, its £75 and it has 1.5gb of ddr 400:P
  14. its a blue advent case, an ASROCK 939 motherboard, 1.5gb ddr 400, ati 2400 pro 128mb, heatsink and fan, no cpu, no hdd, dvd rw. i want £75 p.m. me if your interested oh ps. sorry if your not allowed to sell on this forum, ill know for next time.
  15. fps like cod4 or front lines fuels of war e.c.t. rts like world in conflict or command and conquer
  16. my tv is running 1920x1200 on my media center pc/ xbox360 via hdmi on flatscreen tv my pc is 1680x1050 on my 22" widescreen my laptop is 1280x800 and my eee pc is default 800x4xx
  17. well i use Winamp for media, as WMP11 on vista uses too much memory, iTunes is very buggy and laggy in Vista, so Winamp is the best for music. Spider Player under XP is the best for music on my laptop, uses like 0 memory and 0 CPU :). for videos i use VLC as no plugins or codecs required to play even the most complex and crappy codec files.
  18. http://www.nzxt.com/image/2/226/ there is the tower... specs are down below http://www.kallistaelectronics.co.uk/images/news/laptop.jpg thats my hak laptop http://www.theatrepcdirect.com/X11%20Case%20-%20Black.jpg thats my mce pc
  19. im watercooled. i have 2 12cm at the back for the radiator and one 12cm at the front for the harddrives
  20. just added you all so if you get vote4nukebush add you you should accept and we can sit down, have a drink of PWNJOOZE and play some good old XBOX live
  21. linux is free. you can order ubuntu disks from the website for FREE. they take 2 - 3 weeks to send but when you do - shiny new linux disks all for free!!! they come with 8 ubuntu stickers too
  22. lol i just got mine in the uk, now i got them on my laptop :P
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