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  1. custom Windows XP MCE on my laptop.
  2. www.myspace.co.uk/skatermarkhimself
  3. markhimself


    i love gungame deathmatch on cs:s
  4. getting like a score of 5 on Geometry Wars 2 Retro Evolved (Y)
  5. my balls is the favorite :P lol the PS1 mouse for Die Hard Trilogy was pretty sick lol.
  6. yes spiders live in my case, until they find one of various fans in there :o
  7. right let me explain. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10...urn-courts.html this link from another Topic is a very good example. My dad is Wayne Elmes. The letter basically said, Dear Wayne Elmes, You have been torrenting Testdriveunlimited.iso, breaching copyright laws and we would like 500£ in damages fees and £60 in court cases. I am Mark Elmes, and so i have been adviced by Social Advisors and the Solicitors that are running the case DavenPort Lyons, and they said my dad is responsible as 1. if someone hacks wireless he is responsible and 2. he should have been filtering and controlling his internet. So i wont be paying and my dad will be taking care of it. As of that ^^ my letter is at my dads. I dont like my dad too much and as i dont live with him anymore i wont be talking to him in the near future. My friend said, if i do go to court, go buy Test Drive Unlimited, Scratch the fuck out the disk, and say i torrented a Backup copy of the game so i could play what i fucking payed for.
  8. depending on the specs of your computer you can run vista. Vista is in very many ways very annoying over xp, but in the same amount of ways its better. I personally think, for the best vista experiance, you need a DX10 video card, a Dual Core processor and 2gb of ram.
  9. Im with DeGrijze, what a load of shit. Waste your money on that, its inpratical, expensive, and id rather save the money and use 'wooden plank pentium 4' :) imagine if a kid comes and touches your computer. waste of time and money.
  10. slightly off topic - GTA4 - The Internet is a series of Tubes, and old men want to put their privates into them tubes, and straight into your living room, where your kids are on the internet. LOL
  11. brad has an element sticker :D i had one on my monitor once apon a time. Matt man, i wanna no what case that is. i no its Lian Li, but man i want one. crap case, pretty good specs. :)
  12. They sent me a letter with details so exact even down to the fact i used UTorrent 1.76 BPI, Virgin Media and Atari suck. I torrented it over a year ago. I thought Virgin Media give u warnings? mabey not.
  13. Atari sent me a letter today. I am being charged £560 for torrenting a personal backup of the game Test Drive Unlimited. FAIL
  14. ballshite (Y) cant shut the interwebs down. the underground will always rise above :D
  15. i cant wait either. somthing to watch :P
  16. woop woop NOOBLETS:P go teach them COD6:P
  17. darren likes his shiny pictures and graphs
  18. fixed my xbox with the x-clamp fix and a heat gun put a clear case on it too http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=31677789
  19. i modded mine ages ago. dont remmeber much about it. xbmc is great tho. get a usb on the front of it:P
  20. errm NAH. no pirates. and theres already a topic for this http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic...mp;hl=xbox+mods
  21. ORB is the best for streaming. it encodes video on the fly:D
  22. nope there is no way to turn it off without pulling the batterez out
  23. 2142 was shite. it was bf2 with new skins.
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