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    Bunchie.gif is go.
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    I don't know, I honestly forgot what it was..
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    Hello Hak5 forums!
  4. Awesome! You have the KA24DE engine? Those are pretty tight cars, I've always liked Nissans.
  5. <commence head light restoration> So, got an urge to clean out, and restore my head lights. I started removing the bumper: Screws, were so tight I stripped most of them: Did some research and found out I was taking the bumper off the complete wrong way: Removed the bumper, the much easier way but only after pounding a 3/8 socket onto a 10mm socket. Some one else had stripped the bolt, but it was coming off one way or another: This clip wouldn't come off either, I just cut the wires. Will re solder them when I put it back together: Nasty blue bulbs, they
  6. **descriptions may not make sense, I just copied and pasted my post from my build thread at g2ic.com. Motor is coming very soon, I'll am planning on boosting to 7 PSI, after rebuilding the motor. I know its really not computer related (there will be a few wiring harness hacks and possibly a chipping of the ECU) but I'd thought I would share!** I just got my second car, a 92 Integra LS shell. The body has 130,xxx miles, new paint , mint interior and a pretty straight body. After selling my 91 Civic EF, I started looking for a new project, upon searching craigslist I found this integra. It was
  7. Picture from wikipedia with Che and his radio: Listening to a Zenith "TransOceanic" shortwave receiver are (seated from the left) Rogelio Oliva, José María Martínez Tamayo (known as "Mbili" in the Congo and "Ricardo" in Bolivia), and Guevara. Standing behind them is Roberto Sánchez ("Lawton" in Cuba and "Changa" in the Congo). I need help, finding a transaction record from zenith, serial number, parts number, of that radio in the picture, it belonged to Che Guevara. I'm calling on Hak5 For some help, hope you all can come through. It may be sitting in my house. :shock:
  8. Hey guys! I Have returned to say a hello to all! I know a lot of the new guys probably don't know who I am but a few of you older members will probably remember me. So recently I have taken a long needed break from technology. That meant getting out of the house, hanging out with friends working and so on. I've recently have become involved in a new hobby, working on hondas. I've started, buying and selling hondas, I recently purchased a 91 civic hatchback, for 400$ dead put 40 dollars worth a parts and about 10 hours of labor in it and sold it for 1500$ Its pretty fun, I driving and working o
  9. he stole and shopp'd my avatar oh noes.
  10. I wished you played more wow so you wouldn't post on the forums
  11. please read the TOS and POS and ABS and PIE WEEEEEEE DONKEY SACK
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