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  1. Sooo ive bought the open mesh router around 6 months ago and tried to set it up almost successfully then i messed up or something and had to do a reflash then after a while i messed it up again. So its been a few months and i finally have the free time to commit to this project but the problem is i wanna start fresh again with a re flash but i simply can't. I have tried multiple ways of flashing the open mesh but none available it always seems like my computer is not detecting it. I can ssh into the open mesh with and i can access the karma page through Wifii All this is through wifii (my computer connecting to the openmesh network) the webif page also does not work for some reason. Can anyone share a way on how i can re flash the openmesh router when unable to connect through Ethernet ? or simply find a way that i can fix my Ethernet! Thank you guys your help is appreciated Edit: by Ethernet being dead i mean its disabled i don't think its actually broken just disabled
  2. For those of you who know Neopwns pen testing operating system basically backtrack mobile is being released and since this year i am renewing my phone contract i think it would be a good time to choose a new phone. The phone i want need to be compatible with neopwn (http://www.neopwn.com/) which requires a wl125 for packet injection (yes it can do packet injection !!) So my question for you guys is this does anyone know which phones have the specific wl125 driver other than the Nokia N900 which it was built for. Since i live in Canada the N900 must be ordered online and to me it feels a tad outdated but never the less i will purchase it if there is no other option. So yeahh any phones with the wl12xx chip set or wl125 i am confused which chip set it is.
  3. Host operating system is Ubunto and guest is windows 7 i know that my box can run call of duty on maxim settings just on windows 7. Would i be able to do the same on a linux box? If not i might as well duelboot with ubunton and windows 7 sidey by side anythoughts or opinions ?
  4. The new battery back looks nice without the messiness of opening up the Open mesh router does anyone know where they could point me to making one or just post it on the forum with a list of all the parts used ? Sorry was being stupid and not searching properly pardon my ignorance =/
  5. Thanks it turns out the files i used were outdate just a reinstall fix it =)
  6. I recently decided it was time to flash my open mesh with jasager i Flashed the firmware and installed webif and haserl files but when i try to navigate to I login but then im greeted with a blank screen any suggestions also i used the webif and haserl files from the darrens Step-By-Step Unlocking guide so i suspect the files are outdated could someone help me solve this issue and point me to the most up to date files (does it even matter if those files are up to date ?) Thank you
  7. Resolved guys thanks for all your tips I reinstalled grub on my linux partition then installed it on the MBR The issue was that it would only boot when the sd card and usb was connected see this site if you want the full details of what happened http://www.pendrivelinux.com/grub-error-21...usb-hard-drive/
  8. Well basically i was booting off backtrack from a usb and i finally decided to install backtrack to my 8GB SD card for persistence so i did. Instead of doing via command line i was lazy and stupid and i thought install.sh would work. Well once i pulled out the usb and tried to boot from the SD card it was just a blank screen. I wasn't worried i thought i would just have to re flash my bios with newer firmware. So when i tried to boot into my duel boot of Windows xp and ubunto i encounter Error 21. So i tried everything to fix it yet none hope. BUT whats interesting is that it will boot if i have the SD card which i installed backtrack onto and when i have a usb plugged in. By boot imean boot of grub from the SD card and not my netbooks hard drive. So yeah its really weird and ive tried several solutions to fix it but im stump any ideas before i just clone my xp partitiona and do a clean install ? thanks
  9. Well because of the price of mac OSX 10.6 I thought that my Asus 1000he was looking like a good candidate to turn into a hackintosh. I was wondering whether I should install it alongside my current duelboot of XP and Ubunto. But before i do i really don't see some of the benefits since im running with ubunto the only thing that really appeals to me is that the mac pretty OS. Ive done some research and of course ubunto 9.10 outperforms Mac OSX 10.6 in most areas. I was just wondering is there any reason why i should get Mac OSX ? your thoughts/ opinions ?
  10. So recently I've finished all projects and though i would get started on the multipass and i was just interested on what other distributions people have on there usbs on hak5 forum =D. So post what you have on your multipass maybe what your opinion of these tools. Of course you don't need to post the menu.lst code on this topic. For me it various from usb but this is mine i have a separate on for fixing computers ophcrack ntpassword kon-boot SliTaz
  11. Since the introduction Fonera 2.0N Fon has removed La Fonera and La Fonera+ i know maybe they are avaiable on the site to other countries. The only router that Fon sells to canada is the new fonera2.0N. Anyone know a place/ site where i can get a fon or fon+ in canada ? Thnx
  12. i would totally steal those firefox cookies XD
  13. List the cool things you can do with cookies because every1 loves cookies!! or just list anything about cookies
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