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  1. I am very excited. Just a couple more weeks. I persume you have seen www.listerscominghome.co.uk
  2. If you have a IP address of 169.254.x.x it means you are not actually connected. This is an IP address you get if your computer did not receive an address from dhcp. I would suggest trying to set you IP address manually and then see if you can connect to the fon.
  3. Are you sure that is Stallman? Were is his katana
  4. SEX OFFENDER! why didn't I just look at the url of the picture a long time ago and notice it was for a newspaper. Though currently he is an alleged sex offender and it is possible that linux is his OS of choice. So he could be neither or both. P.S. Now I can start the process of trying to remove that image from my head.
  5. I had forgotten about TiSP. But that reminded me of facebook's Live Poke
  6. I was wondering with april fools coming up what are the can't miss april fools websites I would have to start with Thinkgeek.com Are there any other websites with a tradition for april fools?
  7. Maybe we should start a linux user or supermodel game at least the pictures would be easier to look at.
  8. Got to go with linux user because thinking of him possibly having sex is just too offensive especially with whatever the open sore is. It not only looks like he has he not slept with anyone in a long time it looks like he just has not slept in a long time.
  9. This looks like it is one of those "because I can" projects. It is the only reason I can figure that you would go to that much trouble on a system that old.
  10. The term "addiction" is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addiction :D In other words I approve of your resilience.
  11. I seem to let people know without trying. I was talking to a few friends at a coffee shop and one said "my nerdometer is maxing out" And he is a computer science major and wearing a shirt that said so many books and so little time. So when you can make a pretty geeky person state in public that he is getting uncomfortable because the conversation is too nerdy I think I'm doing it right.
  12. Pwnage coming to a city near you. Hak5 09 Tour Then on the side of the van put all the cons or events you will be going to.
  13. I somehow found Hak5 during season 1 about episode 3.5 I think I was just googleing iptv at the time. I have watched ever since. There were many things I have learned from various episodes through the years. I think that it is shows like this that keep me from stagnating and getting satisfied with what I already know always showing new and cool things to explore and play with.
  14. I would say age affects my perspective. Not necessarily for better or worse but just different. I will explain something to a 75 year old computer newbie different then to a 10 year old computer newbie. Even though they are at the same skill level they understand and relate to the world in very different ways. I know that age‚Ȇability. I though for one have always looked down on people who have purpose mislead about there age I have always found it childish.
  15. The way I usually try to find a problem device is by segmenting the network. I have used this to find bad switches, bad NICs, and a rouge dhcp. I will usually setup something like a continuous ping, wireshark or dhcpfind by roadkill. then I start at the fiber and disconnect a building at a time till i know which building. Then I go to that building and disconnect a switch at a time till I find which switch then unplug each jack until I know which jack the device is plugged into, look up the location of that jack and go get the device. The downside of this technique is you are disconnecting a lot of users. The upside is you will have the device in you hand in about 5 minutes, and you didn't need to use any fancy software or hardware.
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