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  1. I've been a happy pineapple user for a while. Currently it's setup to Rick Roll people and those who know me always ask to see it in action. I've done some searching and was not able to find an answer. Can a Pineapple v2 (mk2) be upgraded to the new mk3 software?
  2. FOLLOW-UP: I sent a message to feedback@hak5.org and Darren responded with some info. For those who are interested here is the setup: "Shannon is using a 3rd generation Vado HD, a set of umbrella lamps, a wired Audio Technica lapel mic and all the supporting tripods and such."
  3. In the most recent hak5, Darren gave snubs a hak5 mobile camera setup. I'm interested in what kind of gear was in the bag. I've been looking to get a new video setup and wanted to see what the Hak5 team (Darren) has come up with? Anyone know what kind of HD vid camera that was?
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