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  1. Hey, Aussie member here. Was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of some good gaming rigs that don't deplete the wallet of an exorbatant amount of money. Prefer a bundle pack but I'm willing to look at just desktops. Put some links up for me? For example I've been looking through Ebay and Dealsdirect.com
  2. Lol well I figured out that only half was being done via the exe file. The rest had to be downloaded. Fucking shithouse if you ask me. Im hating this steam program. Xfire is good.
  3. Hey a friend referred me to this site. Im in a spot of trouble. Today I purchased Dawn of War 2 and i've brought it home, whacked it in my computer to install it. But apparently I must install a program called Steam before it will let me install the game itself. However, the installation did not work, stating I was missing the file Steam.dll and it could not continue. It doesn't allow me to continue and install the game afterwards. It simply aborts the setup. So I managed to track the file down on the net, but once I replaced it.. The message has changed and it is now missing a file called SteamUI.dll I can't find the right .dll file on the net and I have no idea what else to do. Can anyone help me?
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