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Hey everyone,

Recently I have seen a lot of questions in regards to installing tools on the Bash Bunny. This post will contain a list of .deb files published by Hak5. Please see our wiki for installation instructions.

If you would like to suggest a tool to be published, please reply to this thread. All other posts will be removed.


Disclaimer: Hak5 is not responsible for these tools. They are 3rd party packages and have not been checked for stability or security. Hak5 simply packages these tools for easy installation. 

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For macchanger, I got the source from http://www.gnu.org/software/macchanger and did the following:

  • Put the BashBunny into arming mode (switch 3)
  • Copy the macchanger-X.X.X .tar.gz to the BashBunny; let's say /loot/.
  • Create a payload for Switch 1
cp /root/udisk/loot/macchange.tar.gz /root/.
  • Save, unplug the BB, move to switch 1, and plug back in.
  • When the LED indicates Finished, use your serial terminal program to log into the BB
  • Now, you can compile and install:
# you should already be in /root
tar xfz macchanger-X.X.X.tar.gz
cd macchanger-X.X.X

# NOTE: the following only puts the binary into the BB system.  Use 'make install'
#       if you want everything including docs.
cd src
cp macchanger /usr/bin/.

cd ../..
rm -rf macchanger-X.X.X         # if you want to remove it.


Once done, you'll have macchanger readily available.


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On 7/10/2019 at 10:21 PM, Foxtrot said:

I've updated the first post to add a link to the new Metasploit package, but bear in mind that it requires firmware 1.6 or above.

Hi Foxtrot,

Thank you. This makes life a hell of a lot easier🔥🔥🔥 especially when trying to find the precise location for things. I knew if anyone was going to post an update for the questions posed it would be you. Thanks again for making our lives easier🙏

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Was wondering what the official method to update metasploit is? for now I've installed git to clone the repo, then gem install bundle, chown -R the new folder to 1004:1004 and rename it the metasploit-framework and delete the old one. Working well so far, and can run msfupdate. Any thoughts on this being a bad idea to get the latest version?

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On 8/8/2019 at 2:45 AM, jblk01 said:

@Foxtrot - As per my pull request on Github, I had to use a newer release of Impacket to achieve setting a username / password combo for the SMB server in my smb_exfiltrator v2 payload.   Would you consider updating the .deb file here with the latest release of Impacket?

The version on impacket posted is here very outdated and does not support authenticated SMB shares... tried to compile it from source but it fails

error: command 'arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc' failed with exit status 1

Has anyone had any luck compiling?


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We are going to need a VM to compile this and redistribute onto the bunny.  You can get the compiling going by install build-essential with aptitude but the Bunny chokes on the compilation on different parts different times.  It cannot handle it.  If you want to continue to try then apt install build-essential while inet sharing and try the pip install -r requirements.txt again to see if it compiles.  You will also need to pip install --upgrade setuptools to get rid of another error.

I gave up when I saw it was compiling as I know any compilation I did on the bunny that pushed it usually locks up.


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I am unsure why Hak5 never lets me login until the 7th or 8th time but...


What other tools should we be looking to install into the /tools dir?

what can we do to make the Mark II better? I just got it yesterday and I am still learning it and work in Web design and IT at my college and this thing is magical, I just cannot get the right payloads to work correctly.


I have used 6 of those credential payloads and none of them dumped any correct password or much.

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Remember that most of the Mk1 payloads available are years old and the landscape is constantly changing and evolving. It's a cat and mouse game and if the payloads aren't updated (or new ones are created based on recent vulnerabilities or functionality), they most likely turn obsolete.

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Ah, that is true. I am starting to rewrite some of them and I need mimikatz for one. We should be able to install: 
1. Mimikatz
2. setoolkit
3. airmon-ng

I am unsure what else but aren't we able to fire up a Kali Linux VM and launch a Bash Bunny interface or better yet, sudo apt install <package> ? 

I am going to have to mess with this A LOT more this weekend otherwise most of these payloads are obsolete or work very poorly and I work in the IT and Web Development departments. So, I was able to test this Bash Bunny Mark II on about a dozen laptops today and several PC's and other hardware devices. 

Whether logged in or not, most of the payloads did not work except DumpCreds 2.1, where I do not see any information of mine that is worth anything to anyone. 

When I turn the switch on 1 or 2 and plug it in, it goes. 

We just need more tools and updated payloads that bypass newer issues or more creative ways to do things and my name is AgtShadow and I am here to help and have PLENTY of hardware to test this on (yes, my supervisor knows). So does the network admin haha. 

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On 9/14/2021 at 11:52 PM, cmasos said:

I would like to see scapy somehow included on this?

Well, I managed to just put the mimikatz.exe and entire folder onto the bash bunny, and execute it manually.


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On 9/15/2021 at 8:52 AM, cmasos said:

I would like to see scapy somehow included on this?

I know, the post is some months old, but I don't care.

What do you mean by saying "included"? Out of the box or possible to install? It's for sure possible to use on the Bunny. I have Scapy installed and running on my Mk2.

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If you downloaded the deb package from this forum thread and installed it as per the instructions from Hak5, the Metasploit should be considered as installed on the Bunny. Note though that the contents of that deb package is about two and a half years old. Don't expect everything to work since the security domain has moved quite a bit over such a period of time. Things needs to be up to date to be useful in most cases. When it comes to Metasploit specifically, I guess the best advise is to dig elsewhere to get more knowledge about how to use it all. There are for sure people here that knows stuff, but my bet is that the response is better on dedicated forums, etc. that is focused around Metasploit. If you want to get hold of credentials, then you could try the QuickCreds payload instead. It doesn't deliver 100% clear text stuff though, but it's a step on the way of showing what is possible to get hold of in customer engagements/pen tests/red team activities.

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Some comments...

Line 85
cd /root/sdisk/python3/Python3.9.1
will not work but throw back an error like "No such file or directory"
it should be:
cd /root/sdisk/python3/Python-3.9.16
to be successfully positioned in the relevant directory for further setup and configuration

Then it's line 88 that is incorrect
nano /Modules/Setup.dist
it shouldn't refer to any Modules directory in the root of the Bunny file system but the Modules directory in the Python-3.9.16 directory, so, it should be either
nano /root/sdisk/python3/Python-3.9.16/Modules/Setup.dist
nano ./Modules/Setup.dist
(if being positioned in the correct directory and the file is named Setup.dist which it isn't on 3.9.16, so Setup should be used)

Also, on more recent versions, I've been needing to tell Python to compile with Sqlite3 support in order to get Responder running without complaining, perhaps not valid for 3.9.16 though

Automounting the Micro SD card in that way will most likely be in conflict if using ATTACKMODE STORAGE which will result in the Micro SD card being mounted to both the Bunny and the target at the same time. This may result in corrupt storage.

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On 8/17/2023 at 5:36 AM, eosyne said:

Going to throw up this little walkthrough here for what it's worth. I don't know if it's okay to post up or link externally, if not please edit or delete my post. Thanks guys!

Github - Bash Bunny Mk 2 Impacket/Responder Setup

Is this tutorial still valid? and does downloading tools via the tools folder in arming mode not work?

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Just the maintainer of that can answer if it's valid. Since it's based on/inspired by some work I did some years ago, I would say that it probably needs some tweaking to get up and running. However, I wouldn't walk down that path for different reasons. I would use a different Responder setup instead.

Installing things via the tools directory of the Bunny (as described in the documentation) should still work as intended.

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