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  1. I know it can do keystroke injection, but what about things the Bunny can do? Such as pretending to be a second network adapter, give the target a second IP address and then run an nmap scan against the target? Edit: I just saw it has Ethernet, Serial etc. on the product page. Never mind. 🙂
  2. It's available here but doesn't seem to be listed on the Essentials Field Kit page. Any thoughts @Darren Kitchen?
  3. @Geesknees - Try to access the BB via SSH or Serial. If you wish to use SSH (my preferred method) then create a payload.txt file in either the switch1 directory or the switch2 directory and enter this: LED M FAST ATTACKMODE AUTO_ETHERNET Save the file, remove the Bunny and then reinsert it using whichever switch directory you used. Then ssh into it: ssh -l root Password is: hak5bunny Then run: 'udisk unmount' and then run 'udisk reformat'. This should remove all of the old files on the user accessable partition.
  4. jblk01

    [Info] Tools

    @Foxtrot - As per my pull request on Github, I had to use a newer release of Impacket to achieve setting a username / password combo for the SMB server in my smb_exfiltrator v2 payload. Would you consider updating the .deb file here with the latest release of Impacket?
  5. @WV09 - I'm glad it works for you! My first time modifying a payload to that degree, so I was worried it might fail. I hope they add it to the main repo too.
  6. Okay, I got it working on my machine so that Windows does not complain. Here is my pull request: https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/pull/392 And the files are here: https://github.com/jblk01/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library/exfiltration/smb_exfiltratorV2.0
  7. @WV09 - I have updates. I factory reset my Bunny, then I installed the latest firmware (1.6). From there I did the following: You should now see a '-username' and a '-password' option. Setting these in the payload.txt along with telling Windows to authenticate with it via NET USE should make this work. I am now on my way to get my Windows 10 machine from my friend's place. I'll keep you posted.
  8. @WV09 - Try my modified version. It works correctly on both Bash Bunnies I own. I also added SMB ver. 2 support as well as slightly changed the LED pattern to suite my tastes. I even added extra file types in the s.ps1 file and I can share those if you'd like. 🙂 https://github.com/jblk01/bashbunny-payloads/blob/master/payloads/library/exfiltration/smb_exfiltrator/payload.txt
  9. Found a unique payload setup HERE. However I have read that moving the switch while the bunny is powered was dangerous, so would using this payload damage anything?
  10. My mistake, I saw the reviews of the BB online and all photos came with a cable. It's not a big deal as one is $5 but I was just curious. Thanks for the links Darren.
  11. Grab the Impacket DEB file here, copy it to the /tools directory while in arming mode. Unplug and then replug the device in arming mode and it will be automatically installed. Also, I had to modify the payload.txt script because the attack would fail halfway through. Using my modification should work, as it works for both of my Bunnies unlike the payload.txt hosted on the Github page. Tools: My SMB exfiltrator script fix. If one can maybe improve it I'd be grateful:
  12. I have ordered two Bash Bunnies so far, and the only thing inside the red packet is 1x Bash Bunny along with a card and Hak5 logo stickers. Did they stop including the cable and the BB logo stickers in the package?
  13. Try doing the three times as before, but all while in arming mode (switch closest to the USB part). But, instead of plugging it into a computer on the fourth try, I would suggest plugging it into a wall outlet using a block for smartphones. I can't remember the official name of them, the thing you charge a smarphone with that has a USB port on it. Let it sit with the police LED and don't unplug it until it starts pulsing blue with no red.
  14. When you say you tried a factory reset, could you expand on that? What steps did you take, and what did the LED do? I ask because some users have either mistakenly did the factory reset incorrectly, or they did not plug it into an adequate power source for the factory reset.
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