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  1. I found my mistake: https://github.com/emsec/ChameleonMini/issues/88#issuecomment-284179380 I downloaded the twin duck firmware with the following command: wget https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/blob/master/Firmware/Images/c_duck_v2.1.hex But this downloaded the html version and not the RAW hex file. The correct command would be: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/master/Firmware/Images/c_duck_v2.1.hex
  2. Hi, my ducky worked fine for one day, then after plugging it out and in again it just stopped working. It just lights up very shortly with a red led. I then tried to flash a new firmware. After that it just lights up with a permanent solid red led when plugged in and I'm not able to flash a firmware again. Here is the output of my flashing process: sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3b1256 erase --force sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3b1256 flash --suppress-bootloader-mem c_duck_v2.1.hex sudo dfu-programmer at32uc3b1256 reset [sudo] password for User: Erasing flash... Success Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x3FFFF... Empty. Error reading line 1. Before flashing I removed the micro sd card. Do you have any suggestions what else I could try?
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