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Found 16 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new to this forum and so I thought I'd introduce myself with a nice tutorial! :) I've created a ducky script and coded an executable which will achieve the title of this topic. This will make use of the twin duck firmware so this is a prerequisite before starting unless you can apply the same thing to ducky-decode or similar. Another prerequisite is .NET framework 4.5 but PC's with Win 8+ will have this by default and loads of applications use this so the likelihood of a PC pre Win 8 not having it is fairly low (I might make a native payload later). What the exec
  2. Hey there Hak5 community and fellow Rubber Ducky users! I'm a MacOS user and a beginner when it comes to coding, but I came up with a little bash script to help speed up the encoding process. It's nothing fancy. When I was writing a payload and having to encode then replace the file on the microSD and all that - it was getting a bit tedious. I call it duck_it. It basically takes your scripts as .txt files, encodes them, and transfers them to your microSD card and ejects the card. https://github.com/dot-iso/duck_it I'm new to Bash and GitHub, so there may be some n00b s
  3. I have scoured the internet for hours and have yet to find documentation on all the firmware available for the Rubber Ducky. I feel like there is so much functionality that I am losing, not knowing how to use some firmware. Currently on the GitHub page, there are about 20 different firmware versions available by default, and i haven't seen documentation on the repo (or anywhere) for the firmwares' individual functionalities. If anyone could be so kind as to send a pull request with even just a text file explaining them, it would be amazing. We could edit it and update as a com
  4. Hey guys I just installed twin duck firmware on my duck and want to know how to access the storage on it. EX I want to create a file and save something to it then put it on the duck. or can I have the file already on the duck and just save to it? Thanks
  5. Hi! I just got my new rubber ducky and I wanted to get the duck to look like "a real USB device" when you plug it in. I got my inspiration from the HAK5´s own video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JON76zbiL1o). The thing that i dont seem to understand is how I "install" the code to my rubber ducky. I am looking at the page as we speak but I dont understand how I am supposed to do. Do I just move the " c_duck_v2.1.hex" file to the ducky disk or is it something that I am missing? Pls help me, I am new to this. Be kind in the comments pls
  6. Hello fine people of the Hak.5 forms. I have forums my self with quite a substantial problem. The issue is that I have no idea how to change the hash of a program so that it can get around common anti virus programs. Previous to this when having to encrypt files(reverse TCP) I have just used veil evasion as I do not posies the skill and know how to encrypt files on my own. Now today is the day that all that changes(with help from you guys 'hopefully'). I have found myself with a problem that just using veil ain't going to solve(well to my knowledge at least to my knowledge) so I put it to you
  7. Hello mates, Im looking for sellers of the inTitle described Hardware items prefered in or around Germany ;)
  8. Ever wanted to know whats inside all of those saved bins? forgot what your payload did and is too risky to try? check out my python scrip to decode them at: https://github.com/JPaulMora/Duck-Decoder help is much appreciated! need support for non-english keyboards. run it without args for help. Fully tested & working on OS X 10.10.3
  9. Hi all, Im trying to flash my USB Duck with the Twin firmware (c_duck_v2.1.hex), but I'm stuck at the dfu programmer stage. I have just got this key and have never flashed it before. Ive just tested a couple of payloads... When I execute ./bootstrap.sh i get: sh-3.2# ./bootstrap.sh ./bootstrap.sh: line 2: aclocal: command not found ./bootstrap.sh: line 3: autoheader: command not found ./bootstrap.sh: line 4: automake: command not found ./bootstrap.sh: line 5: autoconf: command not found Yes I am in the right directory. The only file among the others extracted is aclocal.m4... So I
  10. So I was working on some powershell-Fu for a customer to restrict e-mails with specific keywords in the e-mail body or subject line from being delivered to a mobile device. In this effort I developed a script that creates hidden rules in exchange that are unable to be detected in the exchange management shell by an admin or in microsoft Outlook by the user. I also wrote a second tool to detect view and delete these hidden rules. What I would like to do is adapt this for the USB Ducky where when the duck is inserted it runs a script that injects a hidden mailbox rule that will auto forward all
  11. Hi guys! So I'm deplyoing my Duck at work , and I have a script (Thanks to DuckToolKit) that saves the user and hardware info of their computer. We're doing an inventory basically. The output of the script saves it as a Report.zip, but I have about 200 computers to go through. Is it possible to have an IF 'Report.zip'=EXIST Then EXIST +1 Basically if Report.zip exists , rename the file to Report1, and so on so the final will have Report, Report1, Report 2, etc. Thanks!! I'll attach my script below: DELAY 1650 GUI r DELAY 1650 STRING powershell Start-Process notepad -Verb runAs ENTER DE
  12. I just received my Ducky and when I plugged it into my laptop it beeped a couple of times. This was not the behavior I expected. I repeated deployment a couple of times with the same result. I then moved to encode my own script and deploy it. Numerous behaviors were obsereved non of which were scripted. I am using the latest version encoder and the target PC is running Vista. Please any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lord_ Humungus
  13. How does your duck setup look :) I use a bigger USB Storage device now other than the shown ( the top one of the type "SanDisk") because the shown one is only USB2 and the new USB3 one I got also flashes red when it receives data - so now i know when i can remove the hub without losing data. How does your setup look ?
  14. is usbrubberducky.com gone like for good
  15. Hey guys, so I just got my first duck today and I'm loving it. However, I'm wondering if and when commands like CTRL ALT DEL will be available (as currently only 2 simultaneous key presses are possible). I have a number of tasks i'd like to automate that require 3 and 4 keys to be pressed at once. I think in the meantime I'll install the firmware to allow it to be both a HID and USB storage device and then plop a couple of of AutoHotKey exe's on it that can be run by the ducky script. The only place I don't see this working is from a login/lock screen that requires a CTRL ALT DEL first. I know
  16. Where did it do? The thread I'm reading says it should be here: http://www.hak5.org/duckencode.jar but it's not and I can't seem to find the URL for the web app...
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