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  1. If I want to run my tetra without the antennas, to work with software or other things, is this the safe and effective way to do it? A 50 ohm terminated SMA Male. I am noting this one is only rated to 3ghz but I'm not sure that actually matters. http://www.rfsupplier.com/coaxial-termination-loads-male-connector-p-1562.html
  2. Now that we have a later version of the Firmware, shouldn't the Dashboard Bulletins announce that and, in the future announce other things of interest? This could be a really nice feature if the server which serves it got updated. Right now, it's just a way to see if the Pineapple is on the public internet. Another thing would be announcing new Modules or updates to Modules.
  3. Struthian


    I'm more of a tell them there are fish than teach them to fish or hand them a fish kind of a guy :-)
  4. Struthian


    I connect to my LAN using the RJ45 connector. This is convenient for experiments at home. Not such a good idea outside where someone could get in to the Pineapple by that path (at least in some theories). Try this. The pineapple will be able to use your LAN as other computers you have do and you will be able to SSH to it. to /etc/config/firewall for Wan web and ssh access per: I enclosed the original firewall configuration and the one modified according to that post. firewall firewallOrig
  5. Struthian


    Which of the connectors did you use to connect to the internet? It does not appear you have a WiFi dongle? What is on the other end of which of those connections? The Bulletins will come through a public internet connection, when its connected. Simply connecting to the MAC is not sufficient. You must do something there to pass through that connection to your Mac's internet access. You can also use the RJ45 connection to get to a LAN switch, but you have to do a bit of configuring there if that's what you want. You can also tether your Pineapple to an Android phone. This is covered in the documentation.
  6. Struthian


    The simplest is to simply get a bigger card. Also, you can look at the contents through an OpenVPN connection. You can modify the code to make your own module. Instead of exiting, it would simply wait a few minutes, check for the card and restart. That would be an interesting improvement.
  7. https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/02/these-psychedelic-stickers-blow-ai-minds/ This also demonstrates an interesting principle. Something small and weird can distract from something big and important. Similar ideas work in psychology and AI.
  8. Struthian


    I think there seems to be a confusion between"Censoring" the internet as a global interconnect and with an organization controlling access and use of it's own equipment. The organization, in this case, is a school for children. However Rayvn should understand that in work, in government there are also limitations. There is a difference between institutional or employment access and retail use from an internet provider. There is a legal and even moral difference. Rayvn would do well to put more effort into grammar, civics, and understanding the world around that is accessible rather than one which is not and which Rayvn can't even explain what they expect to get from it. It's just a "principle" except actually - it isn't. For Rayvn's information - any institution or employer can legally control and even monitor the use of it's own equipment by students, workers or whatever. If caught in these endeavors, Rayvn hasn't a legal leg to stand on. A warrant is not required to monitor telephone or internet within an institution or place of employment. I have terminated employees based on monitoring. Their outrage over their "Rights" did not even find a lawyer willing to help them. Rayvn needs to focus on graduating from school and entering a good college.
  9. OpenVpn is software. It's not a server. Many servers run OpenVPN. You provide no real diagnostics, incomplete information. How can you possibly believe anyone will help you with so little effort on your part. I am starting to believe you simply don't know what you are doing. Here is a list of Servers. There are many more than this one. https://www.bestvpn.com/free-vpns/
  10. Anytime a Lithium battery is growing, that's not good. Take the support ticket from Foxtrot, keep it in some sort of plastic container that can let off pressure (eg: tupperware) and - keep it outside. Take a photo of it for documentation purposes and follow foxtrots instructions on returning it. These type of battery issues are usually not completely under the Vendors control. It's a part that they got from somewhere else.
  11. Struthian

    CES Hacked?

    CES in Las Vegas lost power. I'm wondering if this was a hack. It seems localized. Any thoughts? I'll also say that the "Official answer" when we have one, may not be the truth.
  12. Struthian

    Changing NETMODE mid payload

    Seb - personally, I prefer that you don't have an auto sleep or if you do - the means to shorten it. In some cases, perhaps quicker could work and be preferable OR other things could be done while waiting. Also, Automatically would be a problem for those who actually followed your current recommendation. Just my thoughts, no big deal though.
  13. Struthian

    802.1ac when?

    Most companies don't announce products before they have them ready to market. It's reasonable to think some future version would have that. It's also reasonable to think that, given Hak5 product cycle that such a product might happen in the foreseeable future. I think such speculations are all that could be known. In general, I suggest buying tech products that you will get good use of within a year. There will be better ones later. If you got your money's worth from one product, you won't mind buying the next one.
  14. What VPN Server are you connecting to? How did you set up to that connection? I don't think the Packet squirrel requires a router in between. From your question, I'm not sure that you understand what the modes and payloads are.
  15. USB supplies are typically 2- 2.5 amperes at most. The cables are not rated for more. Some computers don't have that much current available at the USB A ports. As stated, the Squirrel uses 120 ma. Whatever you get from the USB A port of the squirrel would be the available input current - 120ma used by the squirrel. Putting more than 2-2.5 amperes through any USB device could cause damage or even a fire. All of this is pretty much common sense and based on general USB specifications and basic concepts of electricity. I don't understand why you think the "output current is not greater than 500 ma". Giving it an external supply is necessary. It requires one. USB A port or a quality wall module is typically all you need.