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  1. That's the hack i mentioned up there actually it keeps coming up as "not found" takes like 4hrs each time so i gave up after the third or fourth time
  2. So awhile ago i got really hardcore into trying to learn how to hack so i picked up a cheap Compaq laptop. This was my "hacking laptop" so i figured i should make a super long hard password instead of using the same password i always use for everything (yes i know how bad that is my memory sucks though). I gave up after awhile with no real idea where to start so i dismantled it. I just got a reason to use it again so i just put it back together but i need to use my admin acc to do any real work but for some reason the hack i used to get the last owners password is not working for me so i wante
  3. Rayvn


    @Broti you still gonna help me? Can you or is the problem to much work? Would like a response. Thanks!
  4. Rayvn


    @Rkiver chill im not going to do anything with it yet rushing into something like this get you caught and like i said before i understand the possible outcomes so nothing yet i need a plan first
  5. Rayvn


    (1) dont have cellular data dont need it phones are little more then glorified mp3 players to me seeing as i dont have anyone i need to call (my current phone is from 2011 and doesn't have calling unlocked) (2) i didn't expect any help (3) @Rkiver i never signed ANYTHING nor did my parents (trust me i would know i keep tabs on everyone and everything pertaining to me or my friends who may affect me in the long run i know when and where they breathe and move i know that sounds overkill but trust me i have very good reasons that i would rather not explain here) (4) @Struthian thanks for the adv
  6. Rayvn


    Don't know how much help i expect to get here but it can't hurt to try My school blocked VPN's and the kids are *outraged* (like some of them tried to start a small riot and i've heard rumors of a protest) but before i start i will give my reasons hear me out ok? imma start [ the internet is a free place and while i agree it has some bad things i do not believe that it should be censored in any way (apart from the most obvious stuff or obviously fucked up stuff not illegal just fucked up like "red rooms" (if those exist i don't think they do) for example drugs or guns like the stuff o
  7. Rayvn


    i can see the problem i bought a few laptops from some cheapo places and craigslist .ect to test my ducky on for a bit of fun sorry to worry you
  8. Rayvn


    i tried that generator one im trying to add a admin account by the funny thing is it needs a admin account to do so (why the hell would i be doing this if already had an admin account) any way to bypass this???
  9. I got a ducky for X-Mas so im trying to learn how to code duckyscript which is going to take awhile since i have never coded anything before (could also use a link to the most obvious guide ever i am having a bit of a hard time picking it up ) but my question is while i learn is there any where else i can get premade payloads i have the github payload links would like any links possible but preferably pent-testing ones thanks!
  10. right now i just need to delete this (anti-virus?)
  11. also we (or most of us) came up with a temporary solution for that so we figured that out (kinda) already
  12. no my new laptop i just got as a early X-mas present
  13. del /f [drive]:[folder path]\[filename].[file extension] could this work??
  14. tried that already it did not work i think it might be part of a virus or something
  15. there is a program i downloaded on my PC that i no longer need the problem is it wont delete is there a way to force delete from cmd? if so how?
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