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  1. no problem. I wouldn't say I didn't know what I was doing at all. Just that the utility was all I had that would work. The restore process was somewhat convoluted but I figured it out "restore disk" is the TARGET and archive disk is the SOURCE. Either way I got it to work. Now my only challenge is to get it to boot. The files are all there but it didn't backup the boot partition just the primary NTFS one. Not a big deal at all. What this boils down to is if it were some regular laptop like a latitude and had a built in CDROM drive I'd never even had to hav
  2. I normally just use Falcon and Ghost. This was the closest I could find without really knowing anything about it or having any prior experience. I was wondering why it was called PI. I am hoping to god that it being specific to raspberry pi that it is capable of doing what I did. Either way, the restore process is not as comprehensive as the backup process was.
  3. The total size of the backup is 107GB. Oh to clarify and be specific to answering your questions... 1)Taget laptop 900x samsun 250GB SSD HDD 2)Destination was a USB 2TB connected to the same system. The backup was of the entire PC to a folder and subsequent spanned 2GB files. it totaled 107GB The output folder was "BACKUP" inside were the following: FOLDER: 2017-12-22-DIR-sda2 Root: FIle: partition-info.txt File; pi.cfg Inside folder: FILES: 2017-12-22-I-sda2.000 through to 2017-12-22-I-sda2.054 Presumably the actual back
  4. Yes that is a correct assessment. Sorry if this was not clear before.. Scrambling for a solution to get this re-imaged to the new PC. It's an executive's laptop! :S I know a lot of people may be wondering why.. I had an extreme time crunch. NONE of the boot PE environment discs would be able to see the internal HDD. This is one of those new laptops that has a very funky drive type and controller. Similar to when SATA came out and none of them could read the drives. Later they baked in a layer which would be able to do UEFI and the like. As far a
  5. What if it is a Windows 7 notebook? samsung 900x my main goal is to restore this to another drive
  6. This is a laptop with an SSD, not a Pi will this work? also I had thought it was ok because the back up size was 107GB and the dest drive is 128gb
  7. Hello to all. I am hoping someone may be able to provide some insight on an item within TRK which is extremely vague and unsupported. There are these utilities which will image a backup of your entire system but the RESTORE aspect is extremely vague. In fact there's a menu item to backup but no menu item to restore. I ran unpi on the console and essentially it is extremely confusing. Rather than using target and source or source and destination is has "archive" and "directory" which if you can make sense of that, kudos. I tried all combinations of dev1,2,3 and usin
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