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  1. Never mind about it... I was connecting to the management AP at the time. When I mean "time after time" I meant that when I enter the password (that is the correct one) it tries to connect and asks me for the password again.
  2. Do you plan on having it sniff on any website? If so, I hope you can work on it soon.
  3. Do you plan on having RandomRoll work on all types of sites?
  4. I have an iPhone 7, and I was testing out the modules that needed me to go on random sites. So basically I could connect my phone to the Pineapple, however, I can't anymore, it will tell me time after time to enter the password, so I did and tells me to enter the password, but never told me that the password is incorrect. How can I fix this??? When I came across this problem before, I would change the password and it would let me through after entering the new password, but when I did this, it kept telling me to enter the password. What am I doing wrong or is there a solution for me to click on my pineapple wifi on my phone and have it connect as it remembers it before???
  5. Everything is all good for me. Did the Firmware recovery and works fine. Thanks!!!
  6. Ok, as this is being typed, I'm resetting it through the firmware recovery... How would I know that the restart is complete and I can start the setup again? Don't know when you'll reply, but hopefully soon.
  7. I have the same problem but I was just setting it up. I followed the instructions and held the reset button to setup, and had the update or whatever finished and tried refreshing it but still says "Took too long to respond"
  8. I need help on setting up my pineapple. I was just doing fine with the setup until I had to go to the ip address. It didn't go through for a while, but managed to connect. When I pushed the reset button, like I suppose to do, and as it completed, I tried refreshing the page or something and didn't go through and went to saying, "took too long to respond." I kept on trying to reconnect and would not go through... I tried to reset it but don't know how to do it since it's not fully setup. I noticed that when i connect the pineapple, the blue LED light was on for about 5 seconds, and turns off. Don't know how I can fix this and nobody has any similar problems to mine... I just got this today and I hope I don't have to return it and get my money back...
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