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  1. I'm plugging in only one of the USBs from the Y cable as I'm using a mac The USBs are on opposite sides, so I can only use one I'm using the USB which has two lines out of it
  2. I've tried resetting it although I might be doing it wrong; I plug it in, it flashes then goes black Then I hold down the reset button for 7 seconds; Nothing happens, the light stays black Am I doing it right?
  3. So I received my Wifi Pineapple NANO a few days ago and it worked fine on first try, I got on to the web interface and reached the point of updating the firmware and I think I may have messed up. Now whenever I plug the nano in, the light flashes twice holds for about 5 seconds then turns off, I can't ssh to it, I can't get the web interface and I can't see it as a wifi network. Any advice?
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