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  1. Mmmmm, beats me, but I did send her a message congratulating her on the move to her new home. I believe she is setting up a studio room there, so will see how that all goes.😎
  2. Pleased it worked, and thanks for adding the note on editing 😎
  3. Yeah, would be good to get some clarity......but the Threat Wire and Shannon Morse are still showing via Hak5 on youtube, so all a bit strange.......
  4. Shannon Morse is moving Threat Wire to Colorado in two weeks.........lock, stock.....the lot!
  5. Hi buddy, What have you purchased, where from, and what do you want to do with it? 😎
  6. Hi buddy, Not sure how long you have had an iPhone for, but the guys are quite right, you do not need to hack your own. Unless, you are phishing for ideas on how to do it? Notwithstanding that, if you are having problems with your iCloud, it could be that your Apple ID is locked or..........(hope this helps you in some way): If your Apple ID is locked or disabled If you or someone else enters your password, security questions, or other account information incorrectly too many times, your Apple ID automatically locks to protect your security and you can't sign in to any Apple s
  7. Thank you my friend for the information. Much appreciated and keeps us all posted. Hope you have a great Christmas and superb 2020! πŸŽ„πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  8. Hi buddy, hope this link helps in some way.......... https://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/policy#countries Have a great festive period.......😎
  9. Hi buddy........I think they mean 'Shark Jack - Delivery in Brasil', only that is the title of the thread? 😈
  10. Hi buddy, If and when they are they will usually post on the forum. Failing that, you could go to the hak5 website and contact them direct. Hope this helps in some way. Have a great festive period.😎
  11. Perfect, thanks for sharing. I am pleased that it solved your issues😎
  12. Simples.......NO!........IMO it is not worth the money, and as you say, for just six months or so!
  13. Hi Renehasp, Pleased to hear that it was still working for people, thanks buddy and have a nice day πŸ€“
  14. Free time......you are in a great position, as I am not sure I have the time to assist our mutual friend...........My machines also cry out my name πŸ˜…
  15. Hi buddy, Excellent response and I am glad that you have not taken offenceπŸ™ I genuinely like the concepts that you put forward and I too can see the advantages and disadvantages 🧐. So, what I did (as I have sausage fingers) I purchased a bluetooth keyboard from Rii and hey presto no need to touch the screen on the Nexus, which saves the whole screen and keeps it open and fully deployable. Really enjoy finding a solution to a problem, and naturally learning new concepts. So, rest assured I will try your way and see how I go. Keep in touch buddy and I in turn will let you kn
  16. *****Please read this in the way it is intended, and do not take offence buddy**************** Yeah, okay.πŸ€“.......you do not get all the tutorials, you get some, if you want the rest you will get charged and nothing arrives (according to several sources). To be fair, the platform was designed with Android in mind, so your Nexus/Google etc., will thank you for it........but, NetHunter still does the trick IMO. Having used both, examined the literature from both, I would disagree that Andrax is better than Kali (PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE), but
  17. Save your time effort and money..........a friend of mine paid for the training and it never arrived.......lots of 'Wait a short while' messages........finally they got the money back. Nothing but agro..........AVOID............you don't need it, you really don't.........Hope this helps.......😈
  18. You are more than welcome 😎
  19. Thanks fella........great advice as always....😎
  20. Thanks for sharing buddy........one for the Bookmarking page.......😎
  21. Yeah, have to agree, great game with more joining every week, just not as well known as the new, well advertised, headline grabbing...........FortniteπŸ™ƒ Still great and does what is says on the tin😜
  22. Yes buddy, checked them out, but one thing prevents me from doing that.........I don't have a 3D printer (yet). 😜 Never managed to work out which one was worth purchasing πŸ€“ As always, thank you for your response, which at least by me are all greatly appreciated😎
  23. No dramas buddy........I suppose it is the only way that Apple can justify selling more items........products.......Aps etc.,.......after all, they might not hit the next Trillion Dollars target 😁
  24. Hi, One setup runs on Mac/Ubuntu on bootable usb, and this does the trick as it provides the best of both worlds. How old is your Mac? Have you upgraded to Catalina yet? Depending on the age of your Mac, using Catalina could let you dual screen giving you greater viewing split screen versatility and that is about the only good thing that I can see on that Mac version at the moment. It is meant to give you the easy access to more Apps, but it starts looking like Android IMO πŸ€“
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