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  1. Update: Was able to get "ALT-TAB" to work on a Windows VM, but still not working on a, particular?, laptop. Everything is set as US language on the Bunny. Why this particular laptop is ignoring it, I have no idea.
  2. Nope. ALT-TAB didn't work either. Odd thing is "ALT TAB" works fine on Linux, but not Windows. ???
  3. Where is documentation for QUACK, or at least the hyphenated commands? Whenever I find QUACK documentation it does state the CTRL, ALT, etc., but I've not read where to use, or not use, the hyphen. Personally, I can't get "QUACK ALT TAB" to work. Will now try "QUACK ALT-TAB". Thanks.
  4. For macchanger, I got the source from http://www.gnu.org/software/macchanger and did the following: Put the BashBunny into arming mode (switch 3) Copy the macchanger-X.X.X .tar.gz to the BashBunny; let's say /loot/. Create a payload for Switch 1 LED SETUP ATTACKMODE SERIAL STORAGE cp /root/udisk/loot/macchange.tar.gz /root/. LED FINISH Save, unplug the BB, move to switch 1, and plug back in. When the LED indicates Finished, use your serial terminal program to log into the BB Now, you can compile and install: # you should already be in /root tar xfz macch
  5. So I did a little more digging and found adding '--no-check-certificate' to the wget commands in /etc/turtle/modules/modulemanager allowed the Dialog scripts to obtain the modules as expected**. I presume this would work for /usr/bin/turtle_update as well. However, this is obviously not the most secure way. So, I also created a ~/.wgetrc file with the line: ca_directory = /etc/ssl/certs per this link...but no love. Finally, doing a grep on the /etc/ssl/certs/cacerts.pem file for "COMODO ECC Domain Validation" also turned up no love. I'm not an expert on SSL trust chains, bu
  6. Has anyone solved this? I manually upgraded the firmware to v4, but still am unable to download modules via the Dialog "GUI"...I get back a message saying "No modules available". Additionally, when I exit to the shell and after inspecting /usr/bin/turtle_update, I tried to issue the 'wget' command manually (no, not for modules but to see if the https problem people are taking about was fixed in firmware v4). Turns out, I get the following message: root@turtle:~# wget https://lanturtle.com/updates/current_version --2017-11-22 03:46:25-- https://lanturtle.com/updates/current_version
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