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  1. have you tried to add txpower to /etc/config/wireless for the specific interfaces that should have increased transmit power?
  2. Something has probably gone wrong when downloading the zip file. Split it up instead to make sure every step is successful. Run: wget https://c2.hak5.org/dl -O c2.zip first and make sure the zip file is correctly downloaded. It should be about 46 MB in size (46 214 845). Then unzip it using unzip c2.zip
  3. What country have you set in the Pineapple web GUI?
  4. Use the correct keyboard language for the situation when encoding the payload script, then just use the function keys in the script. I would suggest using the JS Ducky Encoder along with a language file from the Bash Bunny repo on GitHub https://downloads.hak5.org/ducky https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/languages
  5. That is not DUCKY script. That is most likely some code for a Digispark unit/device, looks very "Arduino".
  6. You could simplify the download process in the video even more instead of having to find the GitHub repo on the internet, download the portals to some intermediate place, unpack them and then transfer them to the Mk7 using some "non native" Windows software. I have a script on my GitHub doing the download procedure, but it's done directly on the Mk7. https://github.com/chrizree/PineappleEPfix/blob/main/just_add_the_portals.sh
  7. Not sure what rubberduckytoolkit.com is, can't reach it either, perhaps you mean ducktoolkit.com... I would suggest using JS Ducky Encoder instead that can be downloaded from the Hak5 downloads web site https://downloads.hak5.org/ducky
  8. ok, but do you have any other SD card (not the one you got from Hak5) that you can try?
  9. Have you tried to reformat the SD card? Tried some other SD card? The bin file is a binary file, nothing strange with the fact that it looks like that.
  10. If you look inside the newly created device.config file, does the address of the server in the file match the actual server address?
  11. There are just two main things to learn from this; keep track of your passwords and always make backups! And on Chromebooks specifically, that should be no real issue if always saving things to Google Drive. In any way, the Ducky won't help in this case. It won't crack the security mechanisms of a Chromebook.
  12. Yeah, since that redirection is Windows related
  13. Do you really get redirected to http://www.msftconnecttest.com/redirect on Parrot and the Pixel? That sounds strange!
  14. I guess you are using a Windows PC, have you tried any other client type, such as visiting the portal using a phone?
  15. This is a portal you made yourself, right? Have you tried any of the premade ones by kbeflo just to verify that known working portals are executing as expected?
  16. I don't know what the developers of MDK use as reference, but most likely (based on "logic" about how the MDK syntax looks like when -S is used) they probably refer to "wireless clients" in the station perspective. STA (station) could really be an access point as well though in broader terms. Things do not need to be the same just because they all have a MAC address. Everything that is a part of a network today has a MAC address (at least the things we normally interact with, there might be some other types of networks out there still though). Just study the OSI model to see the relation
  17. Nano issues should be in the Nano section of the forum... What trouble do you really experience? I just fired up my Nano and retrieved the list of modules from the Hak5 repo and that worked all fine along with installing modules as well, so there are no problems regarding that procedure. Regarding installing modules for the Mk7 there should be no problems with that either. Could be a temporary thing (as mentioned) or try to connect the Mk7 to another network. It has solved module downloading issues for others.
  18. Using that setup, can you ping some IP address on the internet from the Mk7 (such as or Just to verify if it's just DNS or if there's really no connectivity at all. Is the ICS service enabled and running on the Windows box?
  19. -S is in the help text of MDK4, it's for attacking a station
  20. If you have them on the same local network; what happens if you connect one of the Crocs to a different network (that of course has access to the C2 instance)?
  21. Did you successfully connect the Pineapple to any network to let it connect to the internet? I.e. some home wifi network. If so, can you see the Pineapple on that network?
  22. How long did you wait? It takes a while to get the logs loaded if you have had the C2 instance running for some time.
  23. The only mistake I can spot is the fact that ppl get their traffic sniffed without them allowing it to happen. Other than that... there is no mistake. The module works as intended. The question to ask is: "How many ppl are using web services in 2021 that is based only on http?" My answer is, "not many" and probably the reason why nothing gets caught in the net.
  24. lol, spitting in the face of the forum members won't help your situation, not a very wise strategy... I'm opting out...
  25. it's nothing I will spend any time on either, I'm perfectly OK with using an ordinary text editor and the official tools in order to create ducky payload scripts and encoded files
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