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  1. ok, never thought about that reason in order to select a valid path forward to a working solution
  2. The "or" in that quote tells most of it in my interpretation of the text. You can do monitoring and injection with either of them. Most likely you will select the interface to use in some upcoming update of the firmware. If you have a Hak5 MK7AC module attached to your Mk7, you can select that. If you have a compatible USB attached "non Hak5" AC module/adapter, then you can use that. Use them for both 2.4 and 5 GHz (I guess, since both should have dual capabilities) or select an onboard radio/NIC on the Mk7 and use 2.4 GHz only (as the Mk7 comes out of the box).
  3. Depends on the "plug and play" definition, but I agree to the assumption that the procedure will be: "attach hardware, upgrade firmware (if not already done) and run". I can't see that Hak5 would just offer a hardware module and not integrate it fully in the Mk7 "ecosystem".
  4. Are you able to transfer loot the other way, i.e from the devices to the C2 instance?
  5. What is the reason to run them in succession? Why not let one single payload do the "successions"?
  6. Activating (or de-activating) PineAP shouldn't affect the management SSID/AP
  7. Not sure nowadays, I got mine ages ago and it was delivered with a 128 MB card
  8. And you are using the URL? I.e. http only (not https) and using port 1471
  9. Exactly what part of the setup are you having problems with and does the Mk7 "hang" during any specific setup steps? Since you mention management SSID you at least seem to get to the Networking Setup part, but do you get any further or is it where it all hangs? General Setup Networking Setup Filters Setup Look and Feel Terms of Service & License Agreement (Setup Complete)
  10. Not exactly sure what kind of update you are trying to do, but have you read the firmware upgrade procedure in the documentation? https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/1260802858250-Firmware-Upgrade-via-USB
  11. Just for reference; I use the Aukey WF-R13 which is identical to the EP-AC1605 mentioned in the blog (if someone is looking for alternatives and can't wait for the MK7AC to be released).
  12. I don't know what you define as "we", but there's a limited few that see the relevance of having access to that kind of downgrade since the infrastructure has moved forward and modern software doesn't allow this to happen. It's of course possible (but not highly likely) to encounter situations when a customer has really bad IT infrastructure, but you don't need a Pineapple module to come to such a conclusion. I suggest that those that is in need of this module also starts developing it since module development is community based. There is perhaps a bunch here and on Discord that want this to h
  13. Speed is most likely not anything to pay any special attention to since the microcontroller isn't super fast itself. The Ducky can "officially" at least handle 2 GB since that size is mentioned in the docs, but could be more than that. Haven't seen any upper limit though. Some users have said that they noticed slower performance when using larger cards due to the fact that mounting (or such related to boot) most likely takes longer time. It's perhaps difficult to get hold of small size cards nowadays, but keeping it as small as possible is most likely good. You don't really need large size car
  14. What scenario applies to your situation specifically? How are you connecting to your Mk7 (WiFi, USB-C)? How do you power it? What OS/browser are you using to connect to the Mk7? Do you get a distinctive "click" (kind of) when pressing the button (i.e. does it seem as if the button should work in hardware terms)?
  15. Why try to circumvent it if it's against company policy? It's not allowed. In any way, the tool to circumvent it must be in line with the tools that are used to detect something (in this case most likely location) and the Ducky (or similar) isn't such a tool, it's a keyboard. You need to get more knowledge about what protective measures that are in place to be able to avoid them. But, then again, it will breach company policy and doing this must be balanced against what the consequences will be. Getting fired? Fines? Getting a reputation/"trademark" of someone with a history of not following p
  16. Have you tried to let the Crab boot without the SD card inserted and when the LED turns red, insert the SD card? It works for me every time, at least when it comes to connecting to new networks. The Crab holds the latest AP in local storage/config, so you won't need the SD card plugged in to get a WiFi connection if you already have been connected to it once before (the latest network/AP, not "historic" ones). The Crab stores the previous AP (SSID/PSK) in /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf. I did some "research" recently (not had time before) to deep dive into the crab since it's kind of "odd
  17. You might increase your chances of getting help if you post in the Mk7 section of the forum
  18. Is the question related to the Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Mark VII? Please ask in that section of the forum that relates to the Mark VII. Where have you seen that the manual is on back order? There's no manual. Field guides are available, but I wouldn't consider that to be a manual. And the one that is listed for the WiFi Pineapple is a 2017 version which doesn't cover the Mark VII (even though procedures and functionality can be "transferred" and applied for the Mark VI). It's for earlier generations. Getting a walk through for a pen test is a somewhat wide thing to ask for. It needs to be more narr
  19. Everything is relative, but not long at all I would say if we are talking about a firmware recovery of the Mk7, haven't clocked it though
  20. What TCPDump payload are you using? Some payload of your own or the one that's on GitHub? Is the NETMODE set to TRANSPARENT in the payload script? If so, read the documentation about NETMODE TRANSPARENT https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010554633-NETMODE https://github.com/hak5/packetsquirrel-payloads/blob/master/payloads/library/sniffing/tcpdump/payload.sh
  21. ok, that's strange, I'm running Lightsail on a 512 MB RAM VPS for my C2 without such issues
  22. OK, that's good since it's needed. How do you start the MDK deauth then (if it's still not working)?
  23. What exact command are you executing when getting that c2.db error? In what way were you successful in downloading the c2.zip file by changing /dl to /com?
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