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  1. The only alternatives I know of is sexpect and passh that should work with some form of OpenWRT. Haven't tried them though. I think the Shark is too weak and limited to get them up and running (if working at all) since the storage is not sufficient enough to accommodate either of them (or the tools needed to support them). https://github.com/clarkwang/sexpect https://github.com/clarkwang/passh
  2. When is this going to be solved? It's almost to the day one year ago that this thread was created (with a following promise to solve it), but I still get the Hak5 repo error when running opkg update on the Shark. Perhaps the Shark is out of development so that the Hak5 repo is of no relevance any longer.
  3. OK, I seldom give up or position myself in situations being unable to fix things, but now I'm both out of ideas and beer. I have even fallen back to following the video instructions of the almighty druid Mr Kitchen, but no success in doing that sadly. My incentive to grab the opportunity to get hold of a brand new Mk7 in today's sale kind of disappeared. At least for the moment. I might get other ideas as the day progresses 🙂
  4. I'm on the same path/idea as you. I fired up one of my dormant Windows 10 boxes (fully updated though) before reading your latest post and it refuses to connect automatically to the "fake" AP of the Nano. I'm trying some different machines now to see if the behavior is different depending on device type. Maybe M$ has done something lately that I haven't heard of that affects it all when it comes to Windows 10 devices. As I'm writing this, I tested with one of my GalliumOS computers (Chromebook running "true" Linux) and the deauth worked properly since it was thrown off the network, but it neve
  5. It's Friday and sales are available! Remember, it's Friday the 13th, so the devices might be cursed 🙂
  6. OK, I have my "wings cut" since I don't have any Mk7 to play with, so I can't assist you any further as I can see it right now. There has to be other Mk7 owners that has gotten this to work. It's even visible in the videos that Darren has produced for the Mk7 so it must be something that is overlooked. If totally out of help or options, perhaps a factory reset and/or firmware recovery would be a way to go just to remove any possible issues that might be present in your current setup. I can probably spend the evening with a beer and my Nano to see if I can reproduce anything on that platform si
  7. When it comes to the Open SSID that the Nano distributes "in the air", it works for me without any problems if setting the appropriate filters. 1) Set an SSID for the open AP in the "Networking" tab of the WiFi Pineapple web GUI under "Open SSID" 2) Go to the "Filters" tab and set "Deny Listed MAC(s)" in the "Client Filtering" column (left) (but don't add any MAC addresses if you don't actively want to block certain clients) 3) Set "Allow Listed SSID(s)" in the "SSID Filtering" column (right) 4) Type the same SSID name for the open network that was used in the "Network
  8. OK, France must have implemented some security measures that the rest of the world hasn't figured out yet 🙂 So, just to be clear about the scenario that you have at hand... You are deauthenticating clients from their intended wireless network, then mimicing the same network (AP/SSID) with your WiFi Pineapple (either it be the Nano or the Mk7) and then you want the clients to reconnect to your spoofed SSID. Right? However, there is not actual guarantee that the clients will connect to your spoofed AP just because they have been deauthed. They might as well connect to the "correct" network
  9. When it comes to firmware recovery, have you followed these instructions? https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360055166053-Firmware-Recovery
  10. Does it make any difference if you select (and save) "Active" as mode for PineAP instead of "Advanced"?
  11. OK, so how did you configure your filters then?
  12. I'm not in possession of the Mk7 so I can't reproduce the eventual error, but if it works in the same way as the Nano, you need to add filters to get clients to connect if they are supposed to connect to the open AP of the Pineapple.
  13. You need to add filters to be able to get clients to connect to the open AP on the Pineapple
  14. I'm just making "qualified" guesses here (and that's perhaps not the answer you want). To be absolutely sure, Hak5 staff needs to answer the questions. If not getting the answers here, I suggest to contact Hak5 Shop directly by submitting a request ticket. My speculation about question 1 is that it's not Monday, it has passed. It was a time limited offer, hence the code not working anymore. Question number 2, if the offer was time limited to just be valid on, or up until, last Monday, there is no fix other than waiting for any possible upcoming offer (might appear on Friday, who knows). My gue
  15. I wasn't referring to functionality between the different versions, but the right to contact support when experiencing problems.
  16. Not sure what version of Cloud C2 you are running. If being licensed for something other than the community edition, I would ask Hak5 support. But, if running the community edition (that only has community support), I would hope that someone with the correct answers appears in this thread. Preferably someone from Hak5.
  17. OK, no problem! The expected checksum just visually appears as being shorter, but it's just plain "true type font magic" that fools the eye. If pasting the checksums into a fixed width text editor, the length of the checksums are all the same. Sadly I have no access to the checksums (or zip files) myself since I have made in-place upgrades of an existing instance of Cloud C2 from 2.x to 3.0.0 and further on to 3.0.1. To me, only two major options remains as possible explanations. Either that your downloads are actively tampered with along the way (something I would see as highly non likel
  18. No, you are using shasum, I was asking about the result of running sha256sum, a totally different command. However, there is no real reason that the result should differ from running shasum as you have, but I'm not usually using shasum. Instead, I'm always using the command/utility for each kind of checksum type (i.e. md5sum, sha1sum, sha256sum, sha512sum, etc.), I just wanted to do it "my way" when trying to give you advise. How many times have you downloaded the zip file? If just once, then I would suggest to download it several times and compare the checksums. Something might have gone wron
  19. Do you mean to not store it in any way locally on the Packet Squirrel, but instead save it to Cloud C2 only?
  20. I guess the question should be asked in the Mk7 part of the forum. However, the manual says 107 x 93 x 21 mm https://apps.fcc.gov/eas/GetApplicationAttachment.html?id=4650996 or https://fccid.io/2AA52MK7/Users-Manual/User-manual-4650996 (Since FCC seems to be picky about hot-linking)
  21. There is a lot of "Deadpool attitude" needed when it comes to cyber security, it's not just buying some stuff and hope to magically elevate, "Maximum effort" is valid in a lot of areas. One thing that is important to remember is that all areas of cyber sec is based on the everyday use of technology. So, one of the best things is to actually work professionally in the areas that you want to help to defend. I.e. work as a PC tech/sys admin, work as a network tech, work as a software developer, etc. etc. Of course it's not a quick start, but if you want to get really good at security, you have to
  22. To my knowledge, port 22 has nothing to do with the functionality of Cloud C2, i.e. SSH is not a mandatory part to get it all up and running. For instance, I have no active internet facing port 22 on the VPS running my C2 instance and it works all fine for me. Why not just disabling/blocking port 22 and see how it works out for you. Not sure right now about the SSL port thing, have you tried the listenport parameter?
  23. I guess you have better luck getting an answer posting in the MK7 part of the forum instead of here, since it's all about the Nano.
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