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First ever post


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lol go back through everything you've ever posted (your profile, click View all posts by <yourname>) and you'll be VERY scared ;)

hahaha GREAT IDEA moonlit! It might be funny for everyone to post there first ever forum comment here :lol: It's interesting to see the topics that keep coming up..eg 'more *nix please' hehehe. Because im sure when people complain about the lack of,say Linux im sure they wonder at the hostile response. Well it's because the topic has been covered many,many,many times! Im sure there are other example too. :)

if its not funny,my bad... meh

oh, if u like only registered yesterday...dnt bother! :lol:


dude the buffer overflow with lager was the best bit. Shit like this is why i watch hak5.

making ur own street fighter2 arcade machine?? amazing! *fap**fap**fap**fap*

plus more *nix please...

keep it up! :o

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Mine's no better. Just blabbing about how I got smashed in Canada.

Enjoying Canada and their wonderful 19 year old drinking age. My friends and I went to Canada for spring break this year because we were far too cheap to fly somewhere warm. Spending a week hitting up Windsor's night life was a great alternative.


Pre-drinking in the hotel: A must if you're on a budget, bars overcharge for watered down drinks.

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Hey, the show is great.

I really liked episode 8 personally. Leart about Pandora, a really cool service, and the TV video over existing coax was interesting, but i think ep 9 about how to get your ...

I think that was after one of the episodes was bad or something and Darren got worried. Can't really remember.

I've actually been watching from episode 1 but only started posting on the boards after I didn't have easy access to a computer I could get on IRC from. I get web access at uni.

I can't believe >300 posts. Dude I couldn't never imagine that I could ever have that much to say about a hole bunch of stuff.

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Well, obviously my first ever got lost in The Big Forum Corruption of '06, but this is what I first posted once the forum came back:

The production quality has gone up, but the content I'm sorry to say has gone down a bit. The only thing in this episode that can be kind of considered a hack is that java proggy thing to grab MP3s off Pandora (and it's worth pointing out that while Darren can reasonably claim to not be screwing anybody over in using the program, I can assure you that the majority of viewers might not be so inclined. Given the US climate of Sue First, Ask Questions Later I feel it's a rather ballsy move).

I mean, take that segment about getting the computer image onto the TV. You guys went on and on and on about possibilities when the gist of it all was 'Buy a box that transfers RCA and sound onto your cable'.

There was no:

- Programming fun.

- Security (breaking) fun.

- Modding

Those 3 things are what I'm looking for in this show, and up until this one every show had at least one of these in it. From my point of view, it's deteriorating.

Another thing I noticed was a slight... I'd call it an echo... in the first segment when Darren was talking, IIRC particularly when he stood with his shoulder pointing at the background.

But I can only concur with all the people who say they're happy to see Alli pop up once more.

Thing is, I can't believe it was march of this year that the forum went sour. Felt like a lot longer ago.

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Prepare 2 packs of ramen noodles. Add seasoning packet if desired, but only 1.

Now drain completely and quickly, and put into bowl.

Now crack a raw egg and add. make sure to break the yoke, and slowly stir around.

The heat from the noodles will cook the egg.

But timing is everything. Take too long and it wont cook enough.

You can also just crack the egg and add it while the noodles are boiling for a poached style, but I prefer my way. :)

This was my second post. It makes me hungry.

edit: Ha, I hit 100 posts, reposting something. weird

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Mine is very shady...

At our school, we have lots of stuff on the computers. This year, we only have 3 good ones in the lab, i.e. new Dells. All the others are donated microns. We have illegal copies of UT2000, FrozenThone ...

Its very different now, though. We have like 30 Dell 2.8Ghz pcs, and I supply all the warez. 8)

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I've decided to make myself an arcade cab, and am using one of my spare PCs which is just sitting on my floor collecting dust.

It's a 1.2GHz Athlon XP

512mb of RAM 333MHz


250watt PSU

Some 64mb video card.

I actually picked that up for free a few months back, when I was planning on making a cab. It's running Windows XP, with most of the services turned off, (A ton of them I'll never need) and no AV, or Firewall. So it runs pretty smoothly, as it is.

Now, for my question. Is it possible to have MAME32 to startup fullscreen with Windows, so I don't have to use a mouse, or keyboard to startup the program?


According to Darren's post it is possible, I just don't know how.

Can anyone please explain?

Pretty long first post.

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If you're already on a network that is firewalled you'll probably get away with it. If you're putting it on some form of DMZ well...If you just turn off all the services that you don't need then you should be OK (a few nmap scans should help you here).

Otherwise, iptables FTW. If, like me, you hate the iptables commands, use a configuration script. I use one called FireHOL, but that's for my Gentoo Linux Firewall box, and I think that's what it was made to make (ie. routing, not as a static box). There are others as well that I have forgotten, a google search for iptables generator or something should find you some.


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