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  1. Ruby is a nice language. Just like any other language/tool, it has its strengths and weaknesses. One very important weakness to consider is threading - you have almost no control over a Ruby thread. Other than that, I like it a lot.
  2. I would recommend you start with python. It is a very nice language with a lot of cool features, such as lambda functions. In my opinion, php is dirty and teaches bad habits, so I recommend holding off on that until you learn C (after python.) C++ is another dirty, dirty language, but C++ proficiency is a valuable skill. I would hold off on learning C++ for a little while though, mostly because it can be extremely discouraging. If you are interested in something totally different, check out erlang. I've recently started using erlang regularly, and I really like some of the things it lets me do. To sum up the above wall of text, start with python.
  3. I highly recommend jQuery. This is a link to the relevant jquery function you can use to reload a DOM element (a div, for example) by ID. Literally all it takes is: $('#element_to_load_into').load('url_to_generate_captcha'); It is possible to get fancier with jquery (ie. wait for the DOM to finish loading, then attach an on-click handler to a button), but the above snippet will get the job done.
  4. I originally left this place years ago because of all the silly moral posturing and general ass-hattery present, so I will give you straight answer, or at least a good push in the right direction: Check out low orbit ion cannon Teh Wikipedias source code available right hurr. Back in the day, syn flooding (repeatedly sending the first part of a TCP handshake from spoofed IP addresses was all the rage, but this hasn't worked for quite a few years now. Hope that helps. I'm happy to answer any other questions.
  5. Id be glad to. I know a bit a bout basic encryption. Drop me a line on skype: poyboy314159
  6. It needs the 64bit libraries to link with. As long as the function exists (is defined somewhere) then 32 bit code should compile and link on a 64bit setup. After all, as someone here said, the only thing that really changes, as far as i know, is the data type sizes. In visual Studio 2008, (I'm not using Express) find the build mode selector up top, which probably says Win32. Click the pop-down and choose config manager. For the active solution platform, choose new, then choose x64 from the list, coping settings from Win32. That worked for me
  7. Dont mean to sound like a downer, but i really wouldnt do it VB. C is what windows is written in (?) and you should probably be at about that level or lower in order to effectively and efficiently detect a keylogger. Why not create a second device driver for another keyboard and have it constantly spamming your kernel with "virtual keystrokes." You would need to patch the kernel instruction table (maybe?) so as to add your own code somewhere high up in the kernel input hierarchy to ignore aforementioned keystrokes. Now that would be totally leet and would confuse just about any keylogger.
  8. i believe you can pick up premiere elements for $100 usd? i would recomend that if its anything like pro
  9. MM. I love eating lots of food, and im really quite thin. W00t!
  10. My school's sysadmins are on a full fledged vendetta against pr0n and *gasp* those dmnable flash games! Fortuneately, they arent the greatest at blocking the flash games
  11. Hmm, you never told me why your getting a new pc, but anyways. congrats!
  12. Alas! Not possible on school computers as they have them locked down very well, and find the flaws after they are used about three or four times
  13. Gmail kicks ass, and i dont have anything to hide in my emails, so i use gmail
  14. I really like the idea of a framework that is set is installed and fetches instructinos, as long as this phase is very efficient, so a noticable bandwidth spike isnt created (not likely, but had to say it)
  15. Im going to assume that thrashing around on the ground casued a soda to be knocked over and therfore ended up in the computer. (I really don't want to know what liquid it was)
  16. Whats the story with not having a PC?
  17. Yonder Knaves. There are such things as well kept secrets. Do you honsetly think that the mac os has no unpatched or soon to be patched flaws in it? EVERY OS ever made has undocumented "features" built in. Back on topic, you could execute a bash command in applescript, open a new terminal perhaps and then pull an "ever so elegant" sudo passwd root, as your average mac user doesnt know what BSD is and thinks roots are part of plants or when their hair dye is slightly past its prime. Also, nobody turns off applescript, as many programs require it to work correctly, so there is no problem in executing the script however you choose to. Oh ya, if you want your virus to work for more than three days, I recommend having a closed dev environment and a full blown NDA
  18. A sharp admin MAY pickup on too much ARP traffic, but chances are, nobody will notcie
  19. PoyBoy


    as far as im concerned, this forum is about learning and exploration. This question is not nefarious sounding at all. Consider this for a second: If Meep had included a disclaimer/"im-not-gonna-do-anything-bad-with-the-rocket-launcher-daddy" in his question, nowhere near as much suspicion would have arisen. That being said, I dont think its the role of the forum members here to be the police. If the questioner is obviously going to missuse any knowledge gained without bothering ot understand what he/she(?) is doing, than I'm all for not telling them a word. Lastly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving newcomers (anyone new, in any thread) a little free information. This actually gives those frustrated with learning the fire inside them to keep going and improve themselves.
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