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  1. Ah, so I have this issue with randomly disapearing for months off the forums but I'm back for a little while anyhow. :) Anyways, I was just curious to if anyone knew about any decent Free A+ Cert and Net + cert podcasts. and since the forums changed so much I think this might go under Questions. So if its posted wrong sorry.
  2. if tripwire can work on windows 98, 2000, and xp, i'll use it.
  3. Okay now let me give you some information, I'm doing a science research project on the vulnerabilities on Windows Os's. I'm looking for something that will log like what happens to the computer while the computer is being attacked so something like a system logger that wont crash once whatever i pick to use on the computer. I'm not asking for viruses or anything like that so please don't jump all over me for that cause this will be done on my computer. oh yea sorry for disapearing forever guys :) im back now
  4. Hehe, i had fun with my first post, me and moonlit talked back and forth for a few pages
  5. There was a link to something like taht in the forums earlier, with filling up all of you pci slots minus one for the video card for 4 usb plugin things was pretty cool. *goes to finmd link*
  6. thats pretty cool. Can you put up some pictures?
  7. Hm wow, you know i never really thought about it, but thats pretty sneaky of them. I mean i guess i kinda figured they used some weird, dvd/cd burner progrm, or a special dvd. But i didnt really think they blocked you from writing to a part of the disk.
  8. i used the batch file to start RtB then when you click on join server, use the password hax0r and manually enter the ip address the DNS hasn't been flushed (for me at least anyway, so you need to enter ip manually until that happens) RtB is awesome btw played it for the first time today Hmm okay i did all that now i keep getting "server time out"
  9. I can't figure out how to connect to the noob.hak5.org server in rtb, help maybe?
  10. Heh, i wish i could have an extended warrenty. my Verizon store has never heard of accidental damge, well they have but its more expensive and since i dont pay the cell bill i dont get to decide what features it has. So im going to attempt to talk to the guy about If i had a chance i would have wrote the numbers down but i cant see the screen even a little to get the numbers, kinda thing. If not, ill pull the circuit board out.
  11. I picked Nortan also becuase i use the corp. anti virus.
  12. the dog will be lucky if its not made out its fur....heh, im kidding, i wouldnt really hurt the dog, i yelled at it though, and showed him the phone and he kinda pee'd himself a little because he's scared easily.
  13. Yes I'm very curious to that one. Or did you get rid of all of them?
  14. heh yea i do like the colors kindof if it meant htat my phone wasnt all deadified. My new phone gets here around Friday or Saturday, So Im gunna find something to do with this old phone here. im open to suggestions that don't include a hard flat surface and Sludgehammer, hammer or anything related to that :P
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