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  1. if you only need it for this one program crack in a VM inside your favorite *nix distro?
  2. SomeoneE1se


    you're using over the air incorrectly
  3. SomeoneE1se


    do you have your home in a separate partition?
  4. in this case you'd be right, but if theres a complicated check required a function+break would be better code should be easy to read, remember that and you'll do fine
  5. are they the only files in that directory?
  6. Everybody's favorite words open source (geek for you write the code.) I'd be happy to help, how do you suggest we prevent abuse, and get the computers to do the actual cracking?
  7. there's a few on some of the darknets out there, but who'd run it and how'd you decide who's passwords get cracked?
  8. You make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes for someone who cares about the "right" way to do something in their late 20s I'm 23
  9. I must be because you already agreed that where you go to school or what tools you're holding doesn't make you better or worse. and I never said anything about a job when YOU replied to ME ad hominem attacks are not necessary you mean the way some overpriced company says you should do it? that doesn't make it the right way what's wrong with a custom built robot? I understand that, and I also understand that you think it needs to look good and be approved by someone who has to wear a suit to work, but that's just not true. My suggestion has the benefit of working just as well and being near free. So again I ask why you need to buy the expensive kit? And you can't say because it looks better anymore. My suggestion is to just make an img of the drive then trick him in to providing the password, you don't need a special device to do that. You only need to be a little smarter then your target. That's the point I wanted to make. And again, I DO NOT care how this police agency decides to run their operations. I'm only trying to provide a suggestion and the way I would do it. You know you've got it right not when you can no longer add more, but when you can no longer take anything away. Occam's Razor
  10. that's awesome, how'd you do it, dremmel? now all you need to do is mount a microSD or usb flash chip with you're name, dob, bloodtype, serial number, and pubkey.
  11. yes they do, but I never said anything about getting a job just about breaking to an encrypted file I disagree but have nothing to cite to prove my point and it's "a lot" again, school will not teach you everything you need to know to do your job correctly (assuming your job is to break into other peoples systems) and if you know how to use google you can find the answer in less time it would take to travel to school not long and hard if you know how to search for it what's a win win now? trying to get a job yes, but that's not what we're talking about just breaking into a system the linux kernel is hiring SWEET! I do that anyway cool pizza is yummy and no one (who matters) cares what I ate for breakfast yes I'm being trivial and petty, but you're arguing a point that I never stood against. do you disagree that a live cd with dd would not work as well as that expensive kit?
  12. #set vaules list = ['I','II','III','IV','V','VI','VII','VIII','IX','X'] number = 0 #init print "Hello, Im a roman numeral conversion program" while (1): number = input("Enter a number to be converted> ") if (number < 1): print "ERROR - Can't convert numbers less than or equal to zero" if (number > 10): print "ERROR - Can't convert numbers over 10" if (number <= 10 and number >= 1): print list[number - 1] menuOption = raw_input("Run again y/n > ") if (menuOption == "n"): print "Goodbye :)" break #end also I would suggest 4 spaces in replacement of tabs when you're working with python.
  13. Hahaha you're funny. I don't say that because I'm living out of a basement I'm in school right now too. BUT! Name something you can learn from school that I cant find out on my own. then I'll name 5 things that you can only learn by being plugged into the tech world that I'm not going to learn about in school.
  14. you're analogy is flawed, a 200 dollar knife is (read: should be) better then a dollar store kniof. but there's nothing in that kit that would do that job better then dd would, unless we also need to consider how cool you look while making an img of a hard drive. In that case go to you local hardware store buy a bunch of random cables and metal tubeing, throw it all into a pelican case, put some danger underground hacker stickers on the case and strut in looking like this http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTg5...X485_SY327_.jpg because the kid in the basement will always be better then the guy who learned his shit from school.
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