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  1. This worked for me http://www.unlocks.co.uk/unlock_blackberry_free.php
  2. Is the 'LOGIN FAILED' coming from the application or MySQL? Could it be that the user you are connecting with doesn't have permissions to connect from its current host?
  3. Just to clarify you're wanting to make a server that listens / process SMTP traffic?
  4. Agree, eFax is far from cheap, especially with the kind of bulk you are talking about, there are cheaper alternatives, it 'might' be worth going through the costings of it, 10 x Phone rental, Cost per Fax, then factor in the power consumption. I remember looking for an alternative to eFax and found a UK provider offering unlimited faxing for something like £30 a month? I didn't look into the T&C's, it could be that advertising business like the one described are prohibited from using such services :P Anyway, good luck with your project, its certainly been an interesting read :)
  5. Has your customer explored hosted fax services like eFax?

    Email Bomber

    Since moving my email over to Gmail I found that I receive very little spam at all. I did much prefer Gmail when they where using Postini, but the new Gmail spam filter seems to work just as well.
  7. Can you shed some light on what OS you are running and who manufactured your netbook
  8. I've recently been using regular expressions in vb.net, I am not sure if I am missing something in the original post, but if you are just looking for "www.google.com" and not trying to pull domains then you should be able to use the following;- "\b(www.google.com)" [/CODE] I saved a copy of this cheat sheet for my future reference, it may be helpful for you http://www.addedbyte...oad/regular-expressions-cheat-sheet-v1/png/ Edit: Just to note that you would need to convert your search string to lowercase, otherwise my code won't pick up on any capitalization
  9. Configuring IIS to work with PHP has become a lot easier in recent years Microsoft Web Platform Installer (http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx) does pretty much all of the installation / configuration for you. IIS is fairly straight forward in terms of management. I am not an expert in PHP, but have used it with both MSSQL and MYSQL and the change (from memory) is fairly simple (I used example code I found on the web)
  10. I have recently done something similar (I think?) You can use services like Yahoo Pipes to aggregate the feeds (Yahoo Pipes is very powerful) or Feed Rinse Then I used RSS Agent (written by Damjan Krstevski) http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/php/code/287265/php-rss-reader I am not sure if that's really what you are after? A working example of the coding I did is available here http://www.rockingphilosophy.com/ it combines a YouTube and Blogger feed into one and then displays the title of the blog/video along with various share options, clicking on the title opens the original blog/video in a a new window
  11. From what I remember doesn't Facebook email all registered email accounts that have been used on an account when you try changing your password / recover it?
  12. Ah :) SBS 2003... how I loved you. SBS is a quality product... until your organisation outgrows it, then there are some serious migration headaches.
  13. Do you have a PDF/Word version available? This looks very interesting.
  14. As per digip: Try using http://www.serversniff.net/index.php, to investigate what DNS records they have. You may find with large organisations like the BBC etc that they don’t use Webmail and remote access to email is either provided by a mobile device e.g. BlackBerry or they are required to run Outlook via a terminal session / Citrix. I guess it’s viewed as convenience versus security.
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