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  1. Upon initial setup for Nano I am met with "The selected upgrade file failed verification. Please check the file and try again.". This error persists regardless of the version of firmware I attempt to update to. I have tried 2 different laptops, having the Nano directly plugged into the USB port and with the USB Y connector, and both Chrome and Firefox. Any ideas?
  2. As Cooper said "Never trust a company. Ever." On the job I have been moving away from using Cisco products as of late (NSA hardware additions make me a little weary...), however, I just started working with AeroHive APs, their enterprise web portal gives you a far wider set of options to fine tune security for your AP. (VLan tagging, etc) Any one that uses one of their products, I highly recommend switching over to the Enterprise Level Web portal, oh and it's a free upgrade! Also if anyone in here knows of any security issues with AeroHive APs, etc please post. Thanks!
  3. Will Wheaton lmao. They also played on The Big Bang Theory. edit* Also trying to find players at HOPE this summer!
  4. itunes U has been a huge help on long flights. Just sit back and learn/code at 35,000ft!
  5. You should. Its teh coolest lol.
  6. :( Damn, sorry to hear that. Raspberry Pi will rise again!
  7. I just happened upon the Play Catan page and found out that one can play Catan online! Does anyone here play?
  8. Other than google docs and language sites, does anyone here have any good sites for programming knowledge? videos, how-to's or tutorials? I have a ton of PDFs and books, however one can never have too much good information!
  9. Ive been following the development for a few months now. Cant wait for the next round of shipments! Anyone have any wild ideas for theirs? I'm thinking automotive and war driving...
  10. Is anyone planning on hitting up HOPE this year in NYC? Anything like a Hak5 Panel or booth?
  11. While working on a few USB hacks I went to format my 4gig san-cruzer (I'm running Ubuntu 11.10) and it will no longer show up as mounted. I have gone through lsusb, dmesg | tail, all the generic "check and see if the USB is detected" stuff. I'm being told that its detected, however I cannot access it at all. Any ideas?
  12. I wasn't worth the wait that's for sure. It's too bad :-(
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