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  1. Please put them in the hakshop. I want one so bad!!! Edit: Oh hak5 Lanyards would be cool also!!!
  2. Hey everyone. I noticed in Episode 1808 on the table in front of snubs there is a hak5 coffee mug.. Why is this not in the hakshop???? I want one sssoooo bad!!!!.. Hell I'll take a couple and take them to work. Could you guys put it in the hakshop?? Thanks and hak on!!
  3. Yeah but my problem is that someone around the world hacked it and they changed the email, password, and facebook ID. They didn't change anything else because they want it to look like a real facebook account but its not. I need to get it back and the friend solution on facebook isn't working.
  4. Hey hak5 fans, I have a question. My friend got her facebook account hacked. they changed the facebook id but i know what it is and they changed the email and password. I tried to use facebooks account recovery process where you use your friends to help you recover your account but when i get to the step to enter the friends it says i have to login to facebook from a computer and complete the instructions. Well the problem is I can't login to do that because it is hacked. Any Ideas? the only thing i know about the new email is it is a Ymail.com email. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Lulz
  5. Lulz

    Hak5 App

    Yeah theres something for iphone as well soka80 it's called greenbox. It's all the revision 3 shoes where you can watch them all. Not a bookmark shortcut to your home screen but an actual app. upon further investigation they now have an actual revision 3 app.. below is the link.. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/revision3/id368167101?mt=8
  6. Cool I just downloaded katana. I was wondering myself how to update it. Thanks Bloomz
  7. Lulz

    My Nes Mod!

    That's Effffinn awesome!!
  8. Lulz

    Hak5 App

    yes that would be awesome. An app where we can stream episodes, view archives, browse the hakshop and forums. i would so get it!
  9. i think its great they drink on the show as long as there not drunk and can actually focus on what there doing. Hak5 is awesome I just received my hak5 hoodie and its amazing. I prefer bud light.
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