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  1. thanks a lot bros for making me a clear pictutre abt this !! i go this now
  2. thanks guys i have used to etercap ! its awesome tool ! like this is there a way to sniff someone system outside the network !
  3. ok bro, wen the switch re discover more than ip with same mac address wha would happen ? the interception would not be possible ?? or how to come up from such situation ? yeah yo right in wireless case we don have a switch instead Access points ! how do i add static entries in their machines ? when i have no access to thier system ? sniffing from the gateway interface would not enough to look up the victims encrypted passwords and in and out using ettercap ?
  4. yo are right bro , but thats how i practiced in my lab set up where i have only switch , but jus to consider the router i add two ip address in a snigle etherent card interface .! thats how i did it it showed two unique mac address in the arp cache table
  5. before checking the arp entries make sure , ping from the system to router , and the system 2
  6. not the APIPA Bro, apipa canoot help you to connect to domain or internet connectivity ..it only talk to its own broadcast range..!! if u have two or more computer with one modem take one computer go to the lan card change ip address to any u want , (login to router make static from dynamic ip ) and again go back to the same lan card add another ip into the same now go back to the command c:> arp -a type this and u will see the arp entries with two ip address with unique mac address slap me if its not worked
  7. Hard coded in the routers firmware means ? aceesing the firmware files through the backtrack Terminal ? in that i can see only the firmware codes , and few html files loaded on the firmware..
  8. nah bro am not setting up any load balancing and all , i jus executed the arp poisoning process in mind and want to make the things clear abt process...and the link you are givven has all the tings wat is needed to learn
  9. its possible bro, i have tried on during my lab session.. you can assign two ip address , in a one lan interface...you can assign one for The computer IP address and another one for by asssuming router IP address(but in reality u don have router in ur hand) thats how i used during in my lab set up ...so after tat try look up arp cache table c:> arp -a now u can see two ip address, and two different mac address but onli one network interface card
  10. what if you have two ip address assigned in a single adaptor card ? the two ip address have two mac address ? ist ? i guess yes !! and in that case how do i find which one is authorative MAC adress for the card among the two ip address associated mac address ? So do i need to clear the last IP settings and again setting a single ip address in the adaptor to find the authorative mac address burned for the card ? what is the best ways to maually add the static entry of my machine mac address into the targeted network gateway so that i can start intercept thier connections ! this is just mi picturization for an instance ?
  11. Purposse of another domain is to create and maintain higher config machines i7 processor with Auto Cad And Automation Softwares forrDesigners they have recruited buncha engineers to handle those peopls we are abt to create a domain for them... Coz this team keeps growing I want to this domain machine as a DC ! does it good idea or shud i maintain separate system fr DC on this new domain coz they are recruting everyday ...so it keeps growing suggest ya am not creating child domain, i kknow child domain is transitive and the new domain if i create say(rameshwar.net) this will also would be in the same forest so its also transitiv in nature i want to create a new policy for the designer team yeah the automation designers ...! coz mi firsst domain (factory.com) has lot of policy and different network mappings since this is administrative domain..i need to set up diff policy for General manager, M.D , engineers, R & D , Purchase Dept , Accounts , HR these are the peoples in my first domain but my second one that am gonnna create which is onli for Designers so thats y decided to create separete domain for that , I don wannna mess yup alllthese bunchas of peoples diggin their head at one domain ... if some one comes to my place after i resigned the job...he will get annnoyed for the pooor design and accumulative of all objects in a single domain look like mess bro ... agree @greyhat and gex since mi Hardware also very basic small business its HP X3430 Pro liant server http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/HP-ProLiant-ML110-G6-Xeon-X3430-2.4-GHz/2388084.aspx so thats y i decided to buy new server coz they may recruit more than 100+ designers for their each project Thanks for your reply guys
  12. first domain we have 50+ Users ...second new domain in the existing forest will have 15 Users at the time of installation and it may grow later...
  13. recently am asked to purchase 25 computers for the new recriuts , the stock has arrived today ...now they are asking me to go ahead to purchase a router and 24 port switch ...and they looking for a new domain too, already we have one domain one router and two 24 port switch and one 8 port switch...! now am gonna create one more domain with new subnet range and i should make the two domain usrs will be able to communicate with one another what is mi next steps to go consider i have installed OS routers and switchs..! what things i need to do next ! Sugest me all the steps what u would take ! two domain peoples should able to acess shared drives group policy should not propogate to Domain 2 from domain 1 . coz we are creaing new policy here i should go for zone transfer from domain zone 1 to Domain zone 2 to maintain a copy of domain 1 information ? Tghanks in advance guys
  14. right bro, if a poor person who have no bucks to buy an external drive , What would you suggest ? Bit locker ? but these days tom ,dick ,and harry also have external drives ..!
  15. Sorry , U mean control panel for ur own website ? already u may have one right if u hosted the website like openDNS ...Or Something ?
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