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    Thanks for the unput , i will not try the program , i will make a new email adress and don 't share it with anyone , maby in the future the will change the policie , that you need authentication for sending a email . Maby that will solve the whole problem regarding to spam.
  2. BBW22

    Email Bomber

    Hi I want to ask if someone could helpme out with a script to send many emails , recently i receive a lot of spam , and im tired of it , i want to fight back , would be great to send 4000 emails in one time to the spammer. I have done some research there was a articel on linuxforums but the script was not complete http://www.linuxques...1916/page2.html If someone can help me out would be great Reguards Bastiaan PS sorry for the bad english im Dutch.
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