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  1. dudes where is harison i rekon the show will be alot better if he was part of the cast YER i vote him on
  2. yer lol thanks for the help people. um well i wanna do a computer brand in the next couple of years and the company that has the name i thought of is a car company so i think i can still use the name
  3. dude, get a shitty pc and smoothwall it, its awsome
  4. hello guys i wanna use a name for a company thats already used but its in difrent country and its a difrent looking logo so yer.... btw it is copyrighted so can i still use the same name p.s my companys purpose will differ in goods than the one i choose to use the name. also may i point out the fact i never knew this name excisted till i googled it :) so i thought of the name. please reply asap
  5. hakgipc

    pc problems

    have done it with 4 diff psu man ive done it with every part 2. i rekon buy a new mobo yer
  6. hakgipc

    pc problems

    no not cmos battery i tried it, ok these is a noise coming from the power suply it sounds like when u keep restarting continuesly its like a ticlking sound that i thought was coming from hdd then i disconeced th hdd then i was likke wtf where is this sound coming from, shortly after i realised its powersupply. i think there is a prob woth the mother boards power bus blown up or sumthing FUCK
  7. hakgipc

    pc problems

    hi guys im just fixing friends pc he has a weird problem. the problem is when he turns his pc on it yurns on but there is no posting i think, hdd led keeps flashing, and no signal on screen, and makes a weird noise that get higher and lower like a alarm, i tried replace the hdd but nothing i replaced the gfx card still nothing i replaced ram still nothing i have no cpu that i can use but cpus dont fuk up that often i think its the mobo wat u guys think
  8. guys dont insualt the noob i mean noobster lol
  9. i have 4 for torrent leach guys anyone want?
  10. yo i have a mkv container file and its compresed with x264 and aac i want to change it to a avi container so my phone can play the file. Ii tried total video converter it just froze. You guys know of any program i can use that will do the job? p.s like the new layout very nice, good job guys cheers :P
  11. hakgipc


    hello ok, know here's the thing i got a wifi 802.11b phone, i have a wifi router that is 802.11g. my question is can i connect to my router using my phone? cheers
  12. my skool blox c drive as well what i do is prevent the cliet pc im on dl the gpedit file that has all the things they blocked. so what u do is when u log in when it says loading personel files wait 3 seconds and take out ur network plug then when u see ur desktop plug it back in now you will be able to explore c drive and right click on desktop and tools in explorer. i use this method all the time WARNING do not abuse this method ok do not let this out of this community
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