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  1. Quite impressive, I simply loved it.
  2. Welcome to our forum community!
  3. Because of all the empty beer cases I had lying around, I figured that instead of spending my money this year on some 'ninja' clothing that's simply a black sheet, I'd create my own Samurai costume. I know the picture quality isn't great (flatmate can't take work a camera for the life of him). Anyone else get creative this year? http://static.flickr.com/89/281785680_1004060fb8_o.jpg You may not be ble to see them easily but I have two plastic uchigatanas on my hips. And yes, Busch is close to the being the worst beer on the planet. I only drink it because it's damn cheap and great for pe
  4. I've got a few misc. parts lying around from my family's first computer (circa 1995). A 3gb hdd, mobo, 14.5" crt and a 4x cd drive. All of probably don't work anymore, they havn't been removed from my storage in years.
  5. 64 GB of memory eh? Wow, that's a lot for such an old comp.
  6. That's what I mean. If you're looking for a way to simply get it, say by inserting a usb flash drive and *bam* you've got their entire history on a .txt, then you're going to want to look into modding the Switchblade. If you're implimenting this on a computer you have normal access to along with others (like family or roommates and you want to easily check where everyone has been surfing too) then you'll want a simple exe that once run, will produce the txt on the desktop or wherever for you to view. Am I right in what you're looking for?
  7. A cyber-carpool site? Sounds like the perfect thing for a cereal-killer/rapist. I'm joking. This would actually be a cool thing if it could later be a nationwide service. Every "Save the Earth" org would kiss your arse.
  8. I completely forgot about that site! That was once the first thing I did in the morning. Always a great place to buy the occasional great item for dirt cheap.
  9. This doesn't normally happen in England? You guys should ride the subway in New York, they don't wait for people to leave the trains.
  10. This thread has a ton of tools/devices that are useful depending on your skill level and goal in mind. Have a read through and you'll get the idea. Have a good look at Metatron's. Most of that stuff you'll never use but it's nice to just drool at the posibilities. My fav. tool for modding stuff: A Dremel. Cuts just about everything and easy to use. Just be sure to wear shop goggles. http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t...hlight=backpack
  11. 1. Is the computer on a wireless network? (if yes, see #2. If no then see #5) 2. Is the wireless network encrypted? (If yes see #3, If no see #4) 3. What form of encryption is implimented? (End of questions) 4. Then encrypt it. He's probably just sniffing the traffic and decrypting. 5. There may be a keylogger installed on her comp - check for any weird processes running and the back of her computer for any weird devices. Also, a version of VNC could be running. Check for that as well. (If nothing of either possibility, see #6) 6. Then he's probably leet and your friend is screwed. I ra
  12. I don't believe that exists. Would be a cool thing to make though. I'm sure a lot of people would love it.
  13. My troop consisted of my god-loving neighbor (I have nothing against religion, he was just one of those over-the-top nuts) and a few other kids that had no friends outside of eachother. Frankly, when I was with them I felt like the outcast because I've never spoken to any of them in my life nor could I relate to any of them on any level. They were all really into the scout thing, wanting to be eagle scouts and whatnot. They would make wicker baskets using dead brush, I'd take that brush and build a blair-witch style character and lit it on fire. Wrong troop? Possibly, but if I happened to en
  14. Free booze! Where!? I want my free booze!!!
  15. My question is, why do you need such a program? This isn't something that a programming class would require nor something that I could see useful unless you were looking to see where someone else has been surfing. It could be just me but it sounds as though you want to spy on a gf or someone. If you're in dire need of such an exe, take a look at the Switchblade and modd the code so that it also copies surfing history.
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