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  1. well, when i actually install pro on my computer from an actual cd, it says pro is more organized and faster and stuff like that.
  2. please update, because I don't want to try this if it doesn't work
  3. or you change it back and i'll stop being "annoying"
  4. change it back and i'll stop
  5. ok. close this **** thread *Please*. I will accept this untill you give me back my original title. I am not a noob. i've been here long enough to not be a noob. i'm not one of those with only one post.
  6. goddammit. take the noob thing off
  7. jesus crist, i didn't even name the thread that bs and i'm not a goddamn noob and there are more fuckers here that are more annoying than i am
  8. Do I get any special privileges that I'm "certified". I haven't seen any "certified noobs" so its a first time seeing this under my name...
  9. yeah, i was going to say that also. you can get free stickers for simple stuff like refering a friend or putting up their link on your site...
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