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  1. HaHa I loved it. HaHa "But it doesn't Have Windows" "Explorer Window" "HaHa you forgot Mac runs Windows Now" ROTFLMAO that was great.
  2. No what he is saying is if you run LPInstaller from a dir without the iso file in it then it will download the files needed from the net and replace what is on your drive with the correct info.
  3. Jester


    Wow not sure where that one came from just trying to help out. Damn as far I knew there had to be some sort of intervention I have not seen a way yet work without user intervention on a non U3 device. So point me to these workin examples so I learn from them.
  4. Jester


    I think the answer is no he couldn't have hacked you unless he had an autorun on his mp3 player and you actually clicked on the drive to like view the contents. But just plugging it in would not run any kind of scripts unless as majk said it had some kind of U3 capability which I don't know of any as of yet. 8)
  5. a .msi extension is a Microsoft installer file. Basically a .exe with fancy microsoft installion. Most of the .msi files I have seen are all Windows Add-ons like windows defender adn stuff like that. 8)
  6. Name Ryan Hays aka Mr. Jester Favourite game: Halo but now a days its Rainbow Six: Vegas Favourite OS: Ubuntu but XP works Favourite console: Xbox 360 Nationality: American Accent: English Sex: Male Age:22 Race: White Height: Medium Status: Work = SUXORS Build: Small Favourite band: Nickelback Favourite book: Angels and Demons Favourite author: Dan Brown Favourite movie: Casino Royale Favourite director: ??? Favourite TV Show: 24 Favourite Comedian: Dane Cok Other hobbies: Photography, Case Mod, Console Mods, Pro Gaming Car: 00 Nissan Altima Occupation: US Navy
  7. 1) What is the difference (for switchblade) of having U3 as opposed to not? In other words, is it easier to steal information or does it steal more information? > There aren't any real advantages concerning a U3-Enabled Switchblade over a regular drive. You can configure it to do the same. The only loss is the ability to run U3 Applications. >>There is a huge difference between the two drives. U3 enabled drives can currently run silently automatically when the drive is placed into the machine and non-U3 drives you would have to click on the drive in my computer to have it start running then only if you have placed an autorun file in there. 3) How would I create a USB that automatically and silently copies all files from, say, the My Document folder? > Well if you're writing the payload in shell script, then you'll want to execute "%COMSPEC% copy %userprofile%My Documents FLASH_DRIVE_FOLDER" or something like that. Search google to learn shell scripting. >>If you browse the forums look for threads about slurping they have already created this script you can implement it into you drive. :)
  8. ++vote lock :) newb Besides Google is everyones friend well everyone except you now. :(
  9. I should be there. @Mubix Baby Seals?!?!?!?!!!??? I heard they were bringing in the real thing this year man eating sharks with LASERS. I mean freakin lasers who wouldn't want to get eaten by a shark with a LASER. HAHA 8)
  10. robotsrulz hey man I can't add your xbox profile. Says it does not exist
  11. There is not a way to make a switchblade run on a non-U3 drive except for a autorun file. Sorry :(
  12. Jester


    And it would be ok if you used a spell checker too. :) woot woot :)
  13. I figured being connected would fix it you possibly did not have the files in the correct directory that is why when it went to flash the drive it corrupted it. Not sure how but sounds like what might have happened. Then just re-installing when connected to the net it flashed the normal stuff on there. Normally you would not want the installer to connect to the net you want it to flash your drive with the switchblade/hacksaw software instead. :)
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