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  1. jht129

    mysql troubles

    correct, the database i want to use is 'jmeelz0_wp' and the backup i want to use is of the 'icedboss_wp'.
  2. alright, so i transferred one of my forum systems to a different server. the previous mysql db was named "icedboss_wp" and now it's "jmeelz0_wp". i opened up the sql backup from when it was "icedboss_wp" and changed the db name to "jmeelz0_wp" inside the file. when i import this backup onto the new server, here's the error i get: wondering if anybody could help me out?
  3. Thanks, I'll try it out as soon as I get a chance.
  4. the ads I'm looking at are legitimate google adsense ads. can anybody answer my question without bashing?
  5. With the advertising yes probably, but I'm just asking about MyBB in this thread. I dont even know why advertising was brought up.
  6. I'm not even advertising... I just asked about MyBB... And I only made one thread that was considered 'spam', if even that.
  7. I'm running a MyBB forum and was wondering where to get a plugin that allows me to insert ad code every x posts. I've googled for days but the links I came across were either in a different language, or they just didn't work, giving me some MySQL error. The error is below if anybody knows anything about this: Thanks for any help.
  8. if it's disallowed then by all means, please remove. i just thought I'd throw it out there.
  9. i dont think this site is a scam... its funded by trainn, who actually shipped out hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things. it doesn't pay you to complete surveys. you complete ONE offer and get 6 friends to join and each of them completes ONE offer each. i know about the trial periods and keep a calendar of when i must cancel each one in order to avoid being charged. thanks for the advice, but i think trainn.org is worth a try.
  10. very true, i was looking for people who would be genuinely interested in getting a netbook to help me out.
  11. I signed up for this site and was hoping a few people would help me out. If you're interested in getting a free netbook or a few hundred cash, read on. Read the following VERY CAREFULLY! Step 1. Click the following link, Get A Free Netbook . Please sign up under me, I'd really appreciate it. Step 2. Create an account by following the instructions located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER SITE ALLOWED. THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. Step 3. (READ STEP 4 BEFORE COMPLETING THIS) Log in, and go to the "offers" tab. Here you will find many different offers to choose from, a lot of these are free trials, but I did gamefly, which costs $9.99 for the first month. You should always choose one that really interests you. Step 4. This goes along with the previous step, and generally should be done BEFORE step 3 to ensure proper crediting.. first of all, you need the latest version of IE or FireFox. Then you must clear your cookies and set your browser settings to "Accept All Cookies" Turn off any pop up blockers, and any spyware/virus protection, then you must X out the page, and open a new window and log back in. I promise you, that this is just to ensure crediting, as all of those things have been proven to interfere with the crediting process. you may return everything to normal settings once you are finished. Step 5. You are now portable! You now have your very own free Netbook on it's way! I've seen pictures, people have actually gotten stuff from Trainn.
  12. Exchange hasn't been used though. But if the server isn't supposed to give away usernames OR passwords, then how come I've been able to retrieve all usernames? It only makes sense that there's a password option as well.
  13. Usernames or just passwords? Because I have been able to do usernames before.
  14. Unfortunately exchange hasn't been used. Logically, there has to be a way to retrieve usernames and passwords remotely right?
  15. Dunno what that means, but any other ideas? I've tried using LC5 to retrieve hashes from the domain controller, but that only works for local accounts. Anything related to getting every user's login credentials?
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