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  1. Well, i've been trying to find something that's like Youtube and those other stuff presented out there. i've been lucky to find osTube but it's for linux and doesnt work over windows, would any one know a system that's working over Windows!?
  2. Really Cool Idea and worth trying out. Even one can use it against n00bs or DUMMIES to change the whole small mouse (like those of the laptops) with only the USB inside with a USB extension cable inside the mouse and the other part of it is the normal USB to the PC/LapTop or what so ever, with SwitchBlade inside. OWNED! 8-)
  3. I Really Adore BackTrack2, Ubuntu, OPhCrack and Anonym.OS. However all of these can't access NTFS with Write Permissions and needs hard work to get it READ only too. So if some1 having a windows on NTFS and you wanna mess with the SAM fil where passwords are stored, or your brother is kidding you and set a password over your Computer then you can simply use ERD Commander to boot up and Hell Ya you'd Find it really Cool!
  4. yess it's boring to follow rules all da time specially parent's rules. however would any1 help me finding them?!
  5. Well Am Concerned of getting somehow a UV-Black Bulb and Fluorescent pens to put into my Lab at home cause i wanna Draw Some Stuff on my Lab's Walls While my parents would be greatly made if i did so with the UV lights anf Florecent pens i would do the drawings but they never see it in normal Light. i live at Egypt and Such Things are somehow hard to find, but i have an Aramex Account that i can buy things from the States to buy them and ship them to Egypt. but i need them in the lowest prices ever. any ideas?!
  6. can we stop talking about Osama Bin Laden and respect others am not a big fan of em either but he's not so much different than americans or UKians or even the Isrealians out there. he killed lots of pple who didnt do anythin and America + UK destroyed Iraq by the name of Re-Builiding it and claiming Nuclear and and Biological Weapons there - where's the Fuck is the Proof Till NOW - He Messed around like they say with the WorldTrade Center Towers and Isreal Fucks Jerusalem EveryDay. Destruction every Where it's just their Ass that's killing them to get him and they cant reach him. WtEver u wnt knw how it's shit cause u dnt knw abt how everyday Gazillions gets killed by Americans and UKians and Isrealians and u dnt name them terrorists while Osama Bin Laden is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it because he's a Muslim!?!?!?!?!?!?! What Ever And About America Having Loads of Oils Thing...... KISS MY ASS they took advantage of Iraq's invasion and made oil their supply as granted for the next 20 yrs and nothing goes for IRAQ. and mayb they have oil but compared to us -ARAB- it's nothing The ARAB NAtions Geographical and wtever they call it maps shows that we are over Oceans of OIL since everywhere u can digg to get OIL. if am wrong abt those things tell me i have proves to that :D.
  7. Ok, 2ommorow there's an opening of a used computer fair for gr88 prices from PCz to Laptops ranges are from (100$ for P2 550MHz) and (200$ for laptops) wt am askin abt any ideas how can get some usefull things from there and mod them mayB?!?!?!? Any Ideas would be gr888 (the fair is at Cairo :D)
  8. Hi All, ok me and a bunch of friends are trying to do some administration at our faculty with the permission of the dean of the faculty. wt we are intending to do is making the Network more usable and Efficient like making a Students Portal, Email Server, Proxy (to control the downloads and the websites), Firewall, VPN, Students Space and etc.... i guess it would take like decades to do but we really need it to be finished by the end of next month ( i guess capable with help) what am asking about, do any1 has the design in mind to help us with, Aslo what would be the best Linux Distro. to use on a Server having all the above services, and Off course secure enough for a Faculty. we want to administrate like 200+ PC on the network with Different Specs and Functionality (some are Labs and others are Employees others mustnt have Internet Access) Making in Consideration that we are managing Wireless Access Points too so that only pple who pay to use it are allowed to be in and having access and without using wep keys for sure. Any help Please regarding any of the things mentioned up there :D:D ? :idea: 8)
  9. hmm i used Slax b4 i can remember that i should have entered somethin like root and toor for username and password then type startX and it was mentioned allready (this is if it was the Slax CD Burnt Correctly and it's the Linux Shell or CommandPrompt)
  10. i guess am too late to say this but use ERD Commander and chnge ur Administrator password and Do wtEver u want. 2nd Use PowerQuest BootLoader and Fix wt u have messed around with. 3rd Use the Traditional MBR fix from winXp ( u knw the pass nw)
  11. i dunno if that's right to say or not but....... make a user like those of remote access or remote Assistance or mayB an ASP.Net user like Srry to NSA if they are bannin this
  12. there's a PCI card named SoftLock or somethin like that that takes a FULL backup of ur hardDisk it's of Size 240+GBs, it's spreading here at Egypt gr888ly. check this: www.softlock.net
  13. there's no rule that avoids some1 from writting in his own language i guess and actually it's Arabic Wrote in English so it's FrancLeArab and it meant i got very dead from the joke they made up there abt the cookies and firefox it's Over Geeeky turining to Kweaaaky tweaaaaky bye
  14. aaaaaaaaaaa33333333333333333 2alsheeeeeeeeen awyyyyy awyyyyy geddan geddan akher 7aga fel alsh
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